'Human Ken Doll' has hired two bodyguards after an alleged bar mugging in Marbella

'Human Ken Doll' has hired two bodyguards after an alleged bar mugging in Marbella

You may have heard of Rodrigo Alves, aka the 'Human Ken Doll', as he is often called. No, this isn't Hollywood scraping the bottom of the barrel, looking for the most obscure comic book superhero to adapt to the big screen. This is a man who spent over $400,000 on plastic surgery to look like, well... Ken.

But the news this week isn't about any development in Alves' looks, but about what they may have attracted. Being in the public eye for at least four years now, he is not a stranger to fame. Regardless of how well-known he is, there's definitely going to be some heads turning when he walks into the room. While that may mean some attention and lively conversation most of the time, it won't always be a positive thing.

Alves, who was visiting Marbella, Spain recently, claims that he was "targeted" and "mugged" by a group of women, who may have also spiked his drink. He was drinking at a bar with a female friend when he was approached by a group of women, who went on to befriend him, taking selfies and drinking with them both. Speaking to The Sun, he explained:

"Basically they were talking to me, taking selfies saying 'we love you you're amazing' and then suddenly they vanished.

"I went to pay for mine and my friend's drink and it came to €600 - I asked, 'Why did you charge me that?' They said, 'All those girls said they were with you and to put it on your tab'."

He tried to explain the situation to the bar staff, but seeing as he'd been socialising with the women, they still made him pay up. They had stolen €400 from his friend's purse and left with a €600 tab to pay. "There was nothing I could do about it," he continued, "So I went to pay the bill and my friend said, 'I'll help you' but when she went to get money out she said, 'Oh my god those girls have taken my money too'. They just lied - they lied to the bar staff."

Alves woke up the next day, a little confused by what had transpired. He noticed his broken veneers all over his pillow, and realised they had both been spiked. He told the Mail Online:

"Veneers aren't meant to come out easily. My veneers are quite special. Most dentists would not make this type of veneers they are too big, too wide, too much."

"During the night, I must have being having some kind of nightmare which made me rub my teeth against each other leading to them falling out."

Credit: Rodrigo Alves

He believes that he was targeted due to the fact he is "a public figure", but admitted to The Mirror that his style likely attracts unwanted attention from people he doesn't know. He is now looking to hire professional protection to stop this kind of thing happening again.

"I love wearing flamboyant outfits and to go bars and nightclubs around the world, but from now on I will always have at least two bodyguards to keep their eye on me while I am enjoying my time with friends on a night out"

"I don't look like the average Joe but I'm a human and a person. Why can't I go to public places like normal people?"

"Just like any other place, it can become dangerous and for someone like me who is unusual looking and has an unusual appearance, I guess that I can be target," he told The Sun, "It's taught me to be more wary about my surroundings."

In all honesty, it might have something to do with the fact that someone who has had that much plastic surgery is likely going to have a lot of disposable income, therefore a loaded wallet. Luckily, the 34-year-old managed to get an emergency appointment with a dentist to get his veneers repaired, so he could continue with his trip out to attend Milan Fashion Week.