Man becomes first ever to tattoo his eyes completely black

Man becomes first ever to tattoo his eyes completely black

Tattoos can be things of regret for many people. One man had glasses tattooed onto his face during a wild bachelor party and then had to spend two years trying to get them removed. Another saw one half of the yin-yang symbol he was getting on his arm transformed into an ungracious boob. And who can forget the guy from We're The Millers with "no ragrets" tattooed across his chest?

Possibly the scariest tattoo fail of all happened to a Canadian woman whose eye-tattoo went drastically wrong, leaving her with damaged eyesight and forced to go back and forth to the hospital. Getting your eyes tattooed – or more specifically, getting the white part of the eye, the sclera, tattooed – is a practice that's totally feasible today.

While it may be shocking to some, especially in light of disaster stories, scleral tattooing is something that some people are really into. The newest person in the eye-tattoo club is Karan Sidhu, who prefers to be known as Tattoographer Karan. Lucky for him, the procedure was successful, meaning he's now the first person to change the white of his eyes completely to black.

Here he is pre-surgery:

And here he is after:

And yikes... the results are certainly powerful. We're so used to seeing people with whites in their eyes, so it looks completely unnatural when his already dark eyes are completely blacked out.

The 28-year-old had to hold his own eyes open while his eyeballs were injected with ink. He was offered numbing medicine before the procedure started, but decided against it like the madman he is.

The procedure – which had to be done in two days – happened in September in India by the reported inventor of eye tattoos, Luna Cobra. It's a painful procedure, and you need multiple sessions a few days apart to let the eyes rest.

After he was finished, Karan's eyes were swollen for a week. He had to wear sunglasses to prevent any bright lights from causing further burning sensations to his already agitated eyes.

But despite it all, Karan is thrilled with the results, saying "It looks amazing. I’d never felt so proud."

"It was exhilarating and amazing," he said. "I feel this is the most elite thing one can do in body modification. I was amazed when I first saw myself in the mirror."

He's posted a few images to his Instagram account, where he has over 44,000 followers who shower his selfies with admiration.

"I’m still amazed when I see myself like this. It needs both courage and passion to do something like this. It’s not easy but not difficult either. You need to know what you want. It is all about looking and feeling different."

Karan has his own tattoo studio in New Dehli, which is known as one of the best cities in the world for getting inked. The 28-year-old himself is working on covering his entire body with tattoos.

Well, at least he's got the eyes over and done with. That two less body parts he's got to think about now.