Man in clown mask chases his daughter and gets shot by armed stranger

Man in clown mask chases his daughter and gets shot by armed stranger

Thankfully for both me and children alike, I am not a parent.

Firstly, I would not be able to deal with having a kid, I just wouldn't know where to start. I would place the child on the table and just stare at it, waiting for something to happen. Secondly, I am one of those people who tuts when a child misbehaves on public transport, but in reality, I would have no idea what to do when that child misbehaves. However, one thing I definitely wouldn't do, is the following.

Credit: Boardman Police

Vernon Barrett Jr. is a father, he is also a complete and utter idiot. Rather than disciplining his child in a sensible way, Barrett Jr. has instead ensured that his 6-year-old daughter is going to need years of therapy in order to try and get over her fear of clowns, after his absolutely insane prank ended up with him getting shot at.

The father, from Youngstown, Ohio, tried to discipline his child by chasing her around their neighbourhood in a clown mask. Unsurprisingly, his daughter was completely terrified and ran into a neighbours apartment, that neighbour happened to have a fear of clowns as well, and decided to fire a gun into the air in order to warn Barrett off.

According to the police reports, when the little girl initially ran out of her home, she saw a nearby female driver and decided to jump in her car in order to seek safety. She apparently told the woman that a clown was chasing her, but before the woman could do anything to help the child, the clown appeared and pulled her out of the car. Not aware that the clown in question was the little girl's father, the woman called 911 to report the incident.

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However, the child escaped the grasp of her father again and ran into the apartment of 48-year-old Dion Santiago. The police said that Santiago was afraid of the clowns himself, saying: “Santiago turned off the lights and looked out his apartment window. He observed Barrett standing outside of the building with a clown mask on. [Santiago] grabbed his firearm and fired a shot out of his window.”

When officers arrived at the scene, Santiago and Barrett were involved in a heated argument, with the former still inside his apartment and the latter still wearing his clown mask, and the girl was too afraid to come out of the apartment.

She eventually emerged after a woman inside the apartment escorted her out. Police then reportedly had to separate Barrett and Santiago and ended up calling for backup after they got into a heated argument, with Barrett saying that Santiago had fired his gun at him, rather than in the air.

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The wayward father said that he had used to clown mask as a prank to discipline his daughter as she was misbehaving at both school and at home, and that he joke had got out of hand unintentionally. It's also emerged that the little girl's mother has been put into prison for stepping her daughter and breaking her ribs.

Barrett was charged with child endangerment and inducing panic, while Santiago was charged with using a weapon while intoxicated. Both men have been released and are now scheduled to appear in court shortly.

It's a pretty shoddy display of parenting, and definitely isn't a responsible way to discipline your child for their misbehavior. Although, with the popularity of "It", don't be surprised to see more scary clown incidents happening soon.