Man trapped inside his apartment thanks to poor UPS package placement

Man trapped inside his apartment thanks to poor UPS package placement

Imagine being trapped inside your apartment. At least when you've made the mistake of locking yourself out (let's say, by realising your keys are still inside as your self-locking door slams shut behind you), you've got options. Chances are your housemates have keys. Or, if you're a good and responsible adult, you've cut yourself a spare set of keys to keep somewhere safe for this exact situation.

But being locked INSIDE your apartment? That's a new kind of terror. What if you've got to be somewhere? What if you've got no snacks in the house? And what if, in all the chaos of not being able to leave your warm and cosy home, a fire breaks out and you're just left to scream and panic like those poor Sims characters whose doors you deleted?

Well, in a somewhat less dramatic scenario, a man from California was in fact trapped inside his own apartment. Jessie Lawrence was unable to get out of his 5th floor flat because a deliveryman had propped a long parcel under the door handle, making it impossible to turn. He tweeted about his ordeal:

Although he was rescued by the maintenance guy, it seems Jessie still had worst-case-scenario thoughts:

“Sure, it’s inconvenient for us to call someone to get us out but if it were an emergency, we would have been screwed,” he tweeted. “We’re 5 floors up.”

And, of course, the internet has responded with a wave of zingers.

UPS also felt positioned to respond, but made another little blunder:

"I'm sorry your for this". Cringe.

People are getting really invested in the tweet, with a steady flow of attention to the post causing stress to Jessie's Twitter. "Can't even check my mentions without the @twitter mobile app crashing," he tweeted.

Because people have questions.

They want to know why he was stuck if it's an inward-swinging door (because you need to turn the handle) or why he didn't try turning the handle up (because this handle doesn't work that way, otherwise he would've tried).

The people want to know how the picture was taken. Nothing's been confirmed, but most likely Jessie just took a photo of how the package was placed after he was freed. Or he exchanged numbers with the maintenance guy and got him to send a photo before rescuing him.

And most urgently, the people want to know what's inside the box. 

Sadly for all of us, the contents of the parcel remain unconfirmed...