Man tweets scary image of wasps' nest built around doll

Man tweets scary image of wasps' nest built around doll

Some things in life are just innately scary. Clowns, spiders and snakes are definitely up there as contenders for the top spot in the creepiness league - but nothing could compare to the horrific doll/wasp nest hybrid posted on Twitter by user @ZombieRiot.

In what could easily be a screenshot from a recent horror film, an image showing most of a baby doll encased in a huge wasp nest has left the internet terrified. For extra spookiness, the doll appears to be missing its lower half and one of its hands, and its face appears to have been taken over by some kind of moss.

Don't think it could be that bad? Feast your eyes, people:

NOW do you understand how utterly and unnecessarily terrifying this is?

The events that led to a child's doll being impaled halfway up a tree in the first place must have been weird enough, but the addition of several hundred insects of death transforms this whole scenario from a creepy one to a thoroughly terror-inducing image.

And if that wasn't enough nightmare fuel for you, the replies to ZombieRiot's tweet contain even greater horrors.

One user commented that the picture reminded him of a similar image posted to reddit not long ago, in which a mask that had been left outside was overtaken by wasps. The result is legitimately freaky, and looks like some bizarre cross between a mannequin and an Egyptian mummy.

Another person took the original post as their cue to share what is possibly a manifestation of Satan in doll form. (I mean, why wouldn't you?). Between the bulging eyes, inexplicably-missing limbs, and bizarrely-shaped head, this toy is literally one of the freakiest things I've ever seen.

But wait, there's more! This next doll is more confusing than horrifying in my opinion. Is it part octopus? Is its lower half made from paper? Is the Phantom of the Opera look deliberate, or merely a result of time passing? I have so many questions.

You'd think that, after all that, people would abandon the thread - and perhaps the entire internet - for at least an hour or so. Maybe go and make a cup of tea. Look at some nice pictures of dogs in order to calm down. You know, normal, non-terrifying stuff. But no, there was still one more horrifying image that had to be shared: "baby doll centipedes".

BABY. DOLL. CENTIPEDES. Who comes up with these ungodly displays of creepiness? At least all the others seemed to be accidental creations - but these last ones were clearly put together deliberately.

Honestly, out of all of these, I'm torn over which is the worst. If I had to be trapped in a room with either the centipede or the wasp doll, I'd obviously go for the former. But which one would I rather have nightmares about? Probably the latter. After looking through all these, though, I don't think I have a choice; they'll all be haunting my dreams forever.