Plot twist for woman who accidentally dyed her face pink with 'washable' paint

Plot twist for woman who accidentally dyed her face pink with 'washable' paint

We've all made mistakes in our lives, and most of us probably have some regrets. In our modern age of social media, though, sometimes our mistakes gain far more attention than we might have hoped.

Last week a woman known as Leah reached internet fame by accidentally dying her face pink with paint that she thought was "washable". Turns out it wasn't, and after having smeared the hot pink glitter paint all over her visage, it left her skin stained. Taking pictures of the incident along the way, she took to Twitter to share her ordeal:

"See you in court Palmer Paint Products" she said, sharing a series of pictures showing her face covered in wet paint, her magenta-tinted skin after washing it off, and photos of the paint bottle. The label states that the paint is "water-reducible" and that it "washes easily off skin and out of most fabrics". Leah appeared to find these features of the paint to be false, and it looked like she was considering legal action.

The post sparked a lot of questions about why she painted her whole face pink in the first place. It was also pointed out that she was using poster paint, and she should have been using clearly labelled body paint instead. The "washable" kind of paint she used usually means you can wash it off if you accidentally get a bit on your hands. Not if you intentionally slather a thick layer of the stuff over your face and leave it to sink in.

The internet didn't exactly respond with commiserations to Leah's story either:

As Leah's story became more widely known, it was found in a remarkable plot twist that it wasn't an accident at all, but more of a dare. Another Twitter user (presumably Leah's friend) posted a new picture to expose her:

Looks like the whole ordeal came about because of the encouragement of Leah's Snapchat followers. In what was presumably a session of categorical boredom, Leah must've found the bottle of paint lying around and wondered what she could do with it. She snapped a photo holding the bottle next to her face, with the caption "3 screenshots and i put this over my face". The challenge was obviously met with enthusiasm by her followers, prompting Leah to go through with the ridiculous idea.

After her friend posted the exposé evidence, Leah tweeted a new selfie – without pink-skin-tint – to confirm that it was just a prank:

This new revelation sparked a whole new wave of replies from the internet:

Although the "accident" has been confirmed as a joke, it's unconfirmed if the paint really did come off so easily. You can clearly see a difference in the lighting between the face-stained selfie and the selfie in which she confirms the joke. Only time-stamped photos and maybe a lie detector test can really prove that it did come off after 15 minutes.

It could well be that she felt a little embarrassed and just said it came off so easily in the end. Either way, she was always leaving herself to be a bit red-faced after sharing her incident to the world on Twitter.