Study finds that people born in September are more successful

Study finds that people born in September are more successful

It seems there's good reason people are dancing in September (shout out to Earth, Wind and Fire for that banger). If you're born in the ninth month of the year, you've got high chances of being "successful" in life.

If you're a September baby you're probably smarter, not a convicted felon, and have a healthy amount of self-confidence. But don't let it get to your head...

The findings come from a recent study of data from around 1 million school kids by the University of Toronto, the University of Florida, and Northwestern University. It was found that children born in September had higher grades in maths and reading than their younger classmates all the way from kindergarten to the eighth grade. September students were consistently found to have better grades than their classmates, no matter the child's race, ethnicity, how good the school was or their parents' education.

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Because most school years begin at the start of September, it is children born in that month that are the oldest. They can have a head-start of 12 months extra physical and mental development over their peers, which is quite significant, especially in younger children.

Unfortunately for people born in August, they're doomed to consistently do worse than their September-born peers. (But don't despair, because that theory can be debunked with an at-a-glance comparison of Barack Obama, born August 4, and Charlie Sheen, born September 3.)

The study found that September children were more confident, less likely to go to jail for juvenile crimes, and more likely to go to (and actually graduate from) university or college. Plus, they're likely to be more competitive colleges at that. Good grades, a clean record and a self-assuredness means these guys will probably find jobs that aren't too bad either. And there you have it – the recipe for "success" (or one version of it).

And it seems people are cottoning on. An anguished midwife from the UK has tweeted her frustration at an apparent surge in September births:

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The woman wrote: "How is it only the 5th of September. I can't take 25 more days of this. If you know or love a midwife, PLEASE STOP SHAGGING AT CHRISTMAS."

One theory states that the majority of children are conceived around Christmas. It could be that parents know of the advantages a September birthday could bring to their child, or maybe it's just the combination of jovial spirits and eggnog. In any case, not everyone thinks it's a good idea.

The study's findings reflect a bunch of existing studies from different institutions revealing the advantages older children have over their peers. Especially when they are younger, the age gap shows significant differences in developmental skills and advantages, but it becomes less evident over time as the relative age gap gets smaller.

It's unconfirmed if the same can be said for February and March-born children in the southern hemisphere, whose school year usually runs from early February to mid December. But in theory, it should work in the same way. They'd still be autumn babies with the advantage of being the oldest kids of their class, meaning they're the ones most likely to be successful later in life.

So good news for you if you aren't born in September. Maybe it's time to consider a move to Australia.