Terrifying footage captures man's paragliding accident

Terrifying footage captures man's paragliding accident

As far as adventure sports go, paragliding doesn't look quite as extreme as the likes of BASE jumping or white water rafting. In fact, if you ever spot a pilot gliding by, it looks more peaceful than anything. Yet gliding through the air with no one but yourself to control the flight and landing isn't necessarily the safest pastime.

Between 1994 and 2010, an average of seven in every 10,000 active paraglider pilots were fatally injured, a small number that nonetheless shows the possibility for serious accidents to occur, whether they're through pilot error, bad weather conditions, or faulty equipment.

paraglider Credit: Pexels

Now, dramatic footage has emerged of a paraglider who was filming his flight when his chute became entangled mid-air, leaving him facing a terrifying drop to the ground.

The video was captured in Kössen, Australia, the same location where the first official Paragliding World Championship was held in 1989. You can really feel his terror as he quickly approaches the earth with no sign that he will be able to untangle the mess of cables, his grunts of frustration turning into panicked screaming.

Fortunately, a tree softens his landing, with the cables becoming caught in the foliage and breaking his fall slightly. The glider said he spent the next six days in hospital, but no surgery was required and he recovered from his injuries quickly. In his original post he captioned the video with: "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!"

Thankfully the pilot was okay, because if this video was anything to go by, things could have ended up a lot worse.