There's an Instagram page for 'hot felon' women with attractive mug shots

There's an Instagram page for 'hot felon' women with attractive mug shots

Can you believe it has been three years since we first laid eyes on Jeremy Meeks, also known as 'the hot felon'? If you're struggling to remember why he was making the news, you can pretty much guess from the nickname he received online. Even though he was convicted of illegal possession of a firearm and grand theft, his mugshot still earned him admirers across the globe once it made its way online.

Meeks even managed to get a contract with a modelling agency while he was still behind bars, and since his release his life has been going in a completely new direction. In August, he attended Milan Fashion Week, scoring an advertising deal or two on the side.

Back in October, a female gang member was met with a similar boost of viral fame after her mugshot made the rounds. Mirella Ponce, a Californian woman in her 20s, was arrested after she was pulled over by police officers. Her vehicle contained a gun, and she was charged with carrying a concealed firearm and carrying a stolen firearm.

The Fresno Police Department's Facebook posted the photo, which quickly earned her praise online. "The only crime she committed was stealing my heart," the top voted comment read on the post. Her bail was set at $50,000 for each charge, making it $100,000 for her to make bail.

Credit: Fresno Police Department

As the internet has shown its desire to see more, of all things, sexy felons... well, someone will always deliver. In the wake of Jeremy Meeks and his fellow hot felon from the golden state, people want more - something that this Instagram account is giving them in spades.

The Instagram, titled 'Mugshawtys', regularly posts mugshots of attractive women that have broken the law in some way or another. The severity of the charges is very different, but with most of the crowd being booked for relatively minor offences such as "obstructing a highway" or "disorderly conduct.

Some, surprisingly, seem fairly content to have a mugshot taken. Either this is part and parcel for them, or maybe they might not be in their right minds at the time of arrest.

Others weren't given captions, leaving the account's followers to wonder for themselves what crimes they could have possibly committed to get arrested.

The first post on Mugshawtys was posted on November 19, and since then the Instagram has amassed over 13,000 followers. You can imagine that with a little luck, this account is going to go completely viral in the near future.

It's always the possibility that one of these women capitalises on their newfound fame. Apparently, Jeremy Meeks makes up to $1 million a month, if his estranged wife is anyone to go by. In this day and age, maybe the easiest step to stardom is some disorderly conduct and a glamorous mugshot to go with it?