'Time traveler from 2030' has a horrifying warning about our future

'Time traveler from 2030' has a horrifying warning about our future

Over the last month or so, we've seen a couple of stories about people claiming to have either traveled in time, or to have uncovered the secret to how time travel is possible. And, while many of us are often quick to brush off such accounts as far-fetched nonsense, there are some people out there who believe it.

Some scientific explanations do seem to hold up more than others, and tales about alien intervention or government experiments have very little proof either way - so, for some folks, there is a definite possibility that time travel is not just already possible, it's already happened.

Whether you're a believer or a skeptic, though, this one account of a self-proclaimed time-traveler is sure to make you a little unsettled.

noah time traveler Credit: YouTube

In a bizarre YouTube video, a man named only as 'Noah' claims that he has traveled to the future - and what he's seen isn't exactly pretty.

The video, posted by a channel called Paranormal Elite, begins with a short introduction explaining that Noah was part of a "government project in America", and is using a false name due to a "fear of being assassinated".

It goes on to say that Noah has some mental health issues due to his years of time travel, and that - while he appears young - he has actually lived for "about 50 years".

Then, Noah begins to speak.

From the offset, the man seems to be pretty shaken up. He talks quickly and unevenly, and, despite him using a voice distorter, it's easy to tell that he is nervous. One of the first things he says is, "It is not my intent to deceive anybody, my sole objective is to prove to you that time travel exists in the next few years."

noah time traveler Credit: YouTube

He claims to have traveled back here from early in the year 2021 - the timeline he "belongs in" - but that he has no way to get back. When Noah talks about this, he actually gets quite distressed, and can be heard crying with apparent sincerity as he says he is "stuck here".

Noah explains that time travel has actually been possible since 2003, but it's only used by "top secret organizations". Though he doesn't actually go into any detail about how the process works, he does say that "In 2028, private organizations will admit to the world that time travel is real," and commercial time travel will be available in the same year. So I guess we'll find out soon enough.

As for his "proof" that he's been to the future, this is what Noah has to say:

"Electric cars and self-driving cars will be dramatically improved. A consumer electric car will be able to travel 600 miles on a single charge in 2021. 

"Many people are spending a lot of their time in virtual reality ...

"AI will also be huge and growing in 2021."

noah time traveler Credit: YouTube

I mean, those are pretty basic if you ask me. Looking at the way technology is progressing anyway, it would be logical to assume that these things were going to happen without the need to confirm it with time travel.

But Noah has one more bombshell up his sleeve.

"I promise that the President of the United States after the 2020 election will be Donald J Trump," he says.


Well, if you want to see for yourself whether or not you believe Noah's story, you can watch the whole video here: