Time traveler says he is from the year 6,000 and this picture proves it

Time traveler says he is from the year 6,000 and this picture proves it

Ever since the concept of time travel first started becoming popular in the late 19th century, a number of people have come forward to say that they have experienced the phenomenon. Some claim to have hopped in a time machine and jumped out in the 23rd century, others insist they've been abducted by aliens and shown the future, and one guy recently claimed that he was sent from the year 2030.

So far, though, nobody has really provided compelling evidence to demonstrate that the process is even possible, let alone any proof to show they've already done it.

However, one guy is insisting that he is from the year 6000 - and he's brought back a photograph to back up his story.

youtube time travel Credit: YouTube/ApexTV

In a clip posted to YouTube, an unnamed man whose face is blurred out - supposedly so that the future government of artificial intelligence cannot find him - explains that he was "part of a top-secret program to send people forward in time," and has come back to warn us about the future.

"You will find my story extremely hard to believe, and I don't blame you ... [but] it's not my intention to deceive anybody," he says, before going on to detail some of the things that will happen over the next 4,000 years.

He proceeds to produce a photograph, which he claims is of a city from the future. Unfortunately, he cannot name the city, as that might change the course of history.

“You may notice that the picture is distorted, that’s due to the time-travel process," he says. “Some people actually have parts of their bodies distorted because of the process.”

What then follows is a warning about how the government is supposedly keeping all this information secret from us, and that we have no idea about the experiments on cats and dogs that are apparently taking place right now.

However, it doesn't all seem that bad.

"I've seen the way the world's changed, the technology that has emerged ... it would blow your mind. The world has changed so much," the time traveller says.

He assures us that "We have found cures for innumerable amounts of diseases" and that a cure for cancer will be found during the 2000s.

Teleportation will also be possible by the year 6000, and time travel will become a commercialized commodity. Anyone - providing they have enough money - will be able to travel back to certain moments in history in order to witness things such as the signing of the declaration of independence or the Gettysburg address.

But if that's true, why aren't we already seeing these people? Well, it's simple. According to him, the time travellers are made invisible.

youtube time travel Credit: YouTube/ApexTV

Unsurprisingly, most people aren't buying it.

First of all, the guy claims that he was originally sent forward in time during the 1990s - but theoretical physics dictates that one would only ever be able to travel back through time, not forward. Secondly, the "time traveller" himself says that people who travel back in time are made invisible, so why isn't he? There are so many more flaws here, but listing them all would take way too long.

And his photograph? Sorry to burst your bubble here, time travel enthusiasts, but anyone with access to the internet could knock that up using a generic picture of a city and gratuitous use of the blur tool in an online photo editor.

What he's saying might turn out to be true eventually; but, if it does, it'll be down to coincidence, because the only experience this dude has of the future is a little bit of googling and a few too many conspiracy theories.