'Time Traveler' woman who claims she was hired by the US government reveals future President

'Time Traveler' woman who claims she was hired by the US government reveals future President

Here's a question: what's with the new trend of people saying that they can time travel? While we thought that 2017 was weird, 2018 has kicked off in the most peculiar manner. Fresh off the back of a bunch of idiots eating Tide Pods, we now apparently have an army of time travelers amongst us.

First, there was Noah; a guy who told us that in the year 2020 we will have electric cars, live in a virtual reality world and Donald Trump would still be President (Yikes!). Then, there was that unnamed guy, who claims to have been from the year 6,000 and has the blurry photograph to prove it. He told us that we would find a cure for cancer and that time travel will become a commercialized commodity for pretty much anybody who had a bit of cash.

Now, we have Mona.

During an interview with Apex TV, Mona claims that she is a time traveller from the future and dished out some pretty shocking statements regarding what our future will be like. According to Mona, she was hired by the United States government to travel through time and has been sent to both the 1950s and 1980s. Despite the obvious interest in the job, she decided not to go into why they gave her the job as the details "were boring".

The woman claims she is from the year 2100 and even though she was a government employee, Mona states that she hasn't been paid for any of her services. She reveals that time travelers wear different color jackets based on how much power they have and that many of her friends involved in the project have taken their own lives. Apparently, they couldn't deal with the stresses involved in the world of time travelling and Mona said that she couldn't stop crying at the time of their deaths.

In terms of what our future looks like, flying cars are not regularly used in America, although they have proven to be popular in Europe and other countries. She also claims that highways will have solar panels that will run along the side of the road and somehow recharge the vehicles are they drive.

But who will be president in 2100? Will Trump manage to come up with the key to an eternal life? No. The president of America in 2100 will be a 65-year-old man who is very kind. Mona notes that while he won't go down as the best president that the country has ever had, he has helped resolve a crisis in Asia and brought about world peace (so he's done pretty well).

However, despite us obviously wanting to know more about our future, the video ends abruptly, with Mona saying that she must not reveal anything else due to the fact that her safety might be at risk. Or, in more simple terms, she ran out of lies to tell.