'Time traveler' from the year 5,000 says he has photographic evidence to prove it

'Time traveler' from the year 5,000 says he has photographic evidence to prove it

I don't know what it is about 2018, but so far this year has made people do some crazy things. First, we had the "Tide Pod Challenge" - an internet fad which saw hundreds of teenagers deliberately ingest toxic laundry detergents - and now we seem to have a time traveler pandemic on our hands.

Or, at least, people who think that they are time travelers.

A couple of weeks ago, there was a guy who claimed to have been sent to the year 8973 by the British government and news of his so-called journey through time and space was closely followed by an account from another man, who actually took a lie-detector test (and passed it) to prove his legitimacy.

Now, another person has come forward with his story, but this time he's brought photographic evidence.

Credit: YouTube/Apex TV

"Edward", as he calls himself, apparently traveled 3000 years ahead from 2004 and wound up in the future version of Los Angeles. According to him, he was sent as part of a top-secret experiment that he took part in while working in a laboratory and now has to disguise his face and voice while giving interviews so that he can't be traced.

But what did he see while he was on his journeys? Flying cars? Killer robots? Hyper-evolved monkeys that have taken over and finally established a planet of the apes?

Nope. It turns out that our future is apparently a lot bleaker than that, as the whole city had been submerged in water due to global warming.

"It was unbelievable," Edward said. "I was standing on a huge wooden platform. Not only me - houses, buildings, vehicles, of course, all made from wood."

He continued: "After I realized it was the same city, Los Angeles, but underwater. Just it was flooded and the whole city was underwater, and people (were) living on the water."

In order to bolster his story, the so-called time traveler managed to snap a picture of the scene.

Credit: YouTube/Apex TV

"Pieces of ice in both poles saw that enough had been melted, and the world dropped under the water," he explained. "The flood happened because of too much quantity of Co2 in the atmosphere, which step by step destructed the natural shield zone."

However, while global warming is certainly a reality, it appears that this photograph probably isn't. First of all, for a city 3000 years into the future, it sure looks pretty contemporary. What's more, the way the picture hasn't been taken doesn't quite make sense. The surface of the water and what's underneath it are both equally clear, indicating that it wasn't captured on a semi-submerged camera, but rather fabricated on photoshop from a picture of a large tank of water.

Once again, then, our hopes have been brought up by the prospect of futuristic technology getting closer and closer within our reach - only for them to immediately be dragged down by a guy with a blurry face and a cheap attempt at "photographic evidence". Maybe we'll meet our Dr. Who soon - but this guy ain't it.