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Wife cuts off husband's penis after he spent too much time on the golf course

Every marriage will encounter problems at some point. Usually it's something that can be fixed by an honest talk or a bit of groveling - but sometimes it takes a little more.

Of course, there are also some issues that may seem beyond solvable. This was the case for 50-year-old Mrs. Kim, who believed that, as her husband was "ignoring" her and "playing too much golf", she had to take rather more drastic measures. So she cut off his penis.

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Neighbours were alerted to the incident over the weekend when they heard Mrs. Kim's husband, aged 54, groaning from the couple's apartment. When one neighbour entered the flat, he found the man writhing in pain on the floor. Fortunately, the husband survived the ordeal and is said to be in a stable condition in hospital - meanwhile the police are investigating exactly what provoked the attack.

According to reports, Mrs. Kim mutilated her husband with a kitchen knife while he slept before disposing of his severed manhood in the toilet. The brutal assault, which happened in Yeosu, South Korea, has shocked those close to the couple, who claim that the husband and wife seemed happy together.

After being questioned by police, however, Mrs. Kim divulged that there was more to her marriage than met the eye. As well as being disgruntled by the fact that her husband ignored her and spent too much time on the golf course, the woman also stated that he didn't give her money to live on while he was gone. Police suspect that she may have attacked him after he cheated on her.

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This news comes shortly after a woman in China mutilated her young son by cutting off his penis last month. In this case, the woman's actions were apparently driven by revenge against her ex-husband and his family. Police are still baffled by her exact motivation, however, as the woman had actually been absent from the son and his father for over a year before returning to commit the crime.

Thankfully, surgery was performed on the boy, and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Both attacks are also reminiscent of a similar incident that occurred in 1993, in which Lorena Bobbit cut off her husband's penis with a knife while he slept. However, rather than flushing the severed appendage, Bobbit got in her car, drove off, and threw it into a nearby field. Feeling guilty over her actions, the woman then called the police, who - miraculously - were able to find the penis in time for it to be reattached.

yesou police station Yesou Police Station, Credit: Metro

In the Bobbits' case, Lorena was not found guilty, as it transpired that her husband had raped her before the incident - thus provoking her rage.

Police are currently looking into similar claims from Mrs. Kim, who says that her husband was violent towards her. If this is true, it would certainly go some way to explaining why the woman took such extreme measures in punishing the man. However, as the incident is still under investigation, the police are trying to understand more about Mrs. Kim's motivation before issuing an arrest warrant.