Woman braves Hurricane Harvey to bring reporter a six pack of beer

Woman braves Hurricane Harvey to bring reporter a six pack of beer

Hurricane Harvey has managed to devastate large swathes of the American south over the last few days. After residents were warned to expect "catastrophic and life-threatening flooding"; Harvey reached up to 130mp winds on Friday evening, damaging buildings, knocking down trees and electricity cables - leaving around 30,000 people without power. As a result, it is already considered the most powerful storm to hit the mainland U.S for 12 years,
The mayor of Rockport, Texas, CJ Wax announced that there have been two fatalities so far. The first was a result of a house fire and the second occurred on Saturday night when flooding in Houston reached dangerous heights. Wax has since admitted that Texas has been hit "right on the nose" and is going to have to deal with "widespread devastation" as a staggering number of homes, businesses and schools have been destroyed.

Credit: ABC News

Although Hurricane Harvey has now been downgraded to tropical storm status, it is still expected to wreck havoc in Texas, bringing heavy rain and subsequent flooding.

Despite being a time of great adversity for many people, the humanity in the affected areas is clearly evident. One woman, in particular, found a way to punctuate the tension and bring some much needed light to the calamitous situation when she showcased some good old fashioned Texan hospitality.

Fox News reporter, Casey Stegall was in the throes of the storm in Galveston, Texas when his broadcast was interrupted by a woman:

"I've got you some Galveston beer", the woman declared, handing the gift of a six-pack of beer to the shocked and rain-drenched reporter. But ever the professional, Stegall made it clear that he and his colleagues wouldn't be digging in to the stash until after the broadcast was finished. After thanking her, he said "that will be nice for after we are done covering this".

And naturally, the people of the internet went mad for the clip. Users took to Twitter to praise the woman for her hospitality, saying that she was a true example of the southern spirit.
One user wittily commented "not all heroes wear capes" whilst another added "this in a nutshell sums up how Texans deal with natural disasters".

Even Stegall got involved and personally tweeted about the moment.

"Now that's what I call a GOOD photo bomb!" he said. "She was very sweet and even gave me a hug... moment of levity, reporting on serious matters."

Although residents of the American south have seen the worst of Hurricane Harvey, local authorities have warned that the recovery effort will take a long time. The director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Brock Long said that "FEMA is going to be there for years".

In addition to local resources, Florida Virginia and New York are aiding Texans by deploying emergency workers and equipment to the state. New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio tweeted saying, "after Superstorm Sandy, so many cities stepped up to help our people. We'll do all we can to help those affected by this storm."

Our thoughts lie with those affected by Hurricane Harvey.