Woman who was sexually abused as a child has a unique way of reclaiming her youth

Woman who was sexually abused as a child has a unique way of reclaiming her youth

Every single day, billions of people from all over the world are just out there, living their lives, and most of us don't give them a second thought. Some of them are having a good day, some of them a bad one, and - in many cases - a lot of individuals are doing things that the vast majority of us would probably consider to be a little out of the ordinary.

Tori Hart, an 18-year-old woman from Oregon, is someone who certainly fits into that latter category.

Unlike most people in their late teens, Hart doesn't waste any time trying to convince people that she's a capable adult or a fully-mature human being (because, let's be real, how many of us really are?). Instead, she does the opposite... by living her life as a baby.

Not only does she dress like a little kid, the 18-year-old also drinks from a bottle, uses a pacifier, and spends a great deal of time watching children's cartoons. Understandably, this means she gets a lot of judgment and criticism from others.

However, though Hart's decision to live her life in a childlike state might seem odd to some, the woman explains that she actually finds the process therapeutic.

"It allows me to reclaim my childhood," she said, explaining that she was abused as a child and therefore never felt she had the chance to experience true innocence.

"The whole idea is submitting yourself to somebody and giving them the power to be in charge of your wellbeing. It makes me feel like I get to go through my childhood again and I get to redo everything I didn't get to do the first time around."

What's more, Hart says that her regression into a childlike state has also helped her overcome some mental health problems she had been experiencing.

"I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression around four years ago and I used to take different medications but nothing was helping. I felt like a zombie," she explained. "Then I found the community and the people I love and the thing I love to do. I ended up giving up all the meds. It has made me stronger, more confident and happier."

And she takes her role as a child very seriously:

"I speak in my 'baby voice' and if I'm upset I will cry or have a temper tantrum. I also crawl and roll.

"I don't have a parent at the moment so normally I do it by myself after work. I will dress in a onesie or outfit and relax and watch TV.

"I use my bottle and eat chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs as well as taking pictures for Instagram.

"I also go to bed every night with a pacifier and it helps me to sleep because I have insomnia. One night I went to a friend's house and I couldn't sleep without it.

"I wear diapers and I do go to the bathroom in them, but only number one."

Hart also wants to make it clear that what she does is not in any way linked to pedophilia, nor is it intended to appeal to people who may have an untoward interest in children.

"People say it is weird and gross and that it is not right. A lot of people judge and assume the worst," she said. "Despite the stereotypes and the stigma that we are creepy pedophiles, we are not. If you get to know us, we are nice, normal people."

However, she also knows that her lifestyle isn't for everyone.

"If you still don't like or accept it, that is fine. But you don't find me coming around saying, 'You don't do this, that is weird.' I'm just here living my life and doing what I love. I don't deserve hate."

Props to Hart for owning her lifestyle, and for overcoming the troubles in her life in a way that works for her.