Policeman runs with live bomb in effort to save 400 young children in India

Policeman runs with live bomb in effort to save 400 young children in India

I once worked in an office where an old WWII bomb was discovered underneath the building. I remember it making national news and being absolutely frightened that I was going to get blown up by this warhead (despite the fact it hadn't detonated in over 50 years).

One thing I wouldn't have ever dreamt of doing though, is running off with it on my shoulder. The idea that there was a bomb underneath me was enough to scare me s**tless, so there would be no chance you could get me to touch it, let alone put it on my shoulder (where it is likely to bounce around) and run 1km over mounds and hills with it.

However, that is exactly what one man has done.

Credit: YouTube

Incredible footage, which can be seen below, has been captured of a heroic police constable sprinting hundreds of yards with a live 10kg (20lb) bomb on his shoulder, in an attempt to save the lives of over 400 school children, and unsurprisingly the video has gone viral.

Head constable Abhishek Patel grabbed the bomb from the grounds of a local school and decided to bravely run with it on his shoulder in Chitora, a village in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

Patel ran close 1km with the bomb attached to him before throwing it down a drain in the middle of the countryside. It's believed that the bomb had to potential to cause damage in a 1,500ft radius, so Patel wanted to get it as far away from populated areas as he could.

Speaking about the incident, Patel said:

"Nearly 400 students were present on the campus when the bomb was found. Anything could have happened.

"I wanted to take the bomb away from the school and the residential area in order to reduce the danger of collateral damage if the bomb exploded.

"Had the bomb gone off it would have caused damage in a 500-meter area. I was afraid that the bomb may explode so I took it away from the populated area.”

Credit: YouTube

Patel says it was the first time he had ever discovered a bomb and the father-of-two said he was well aware of the risks he was taking by running with it.

"It was a risky job and could have taken my life as well.

"I did it to save the lives of hundreds of children who were present in the school. They are our future."

The police reached the site of the bomb shortly after the call was made, although it is still not known who planted the bomb at the school and what their motivations for doing so were. Inspector General of the Police, Sagar Saxena, spoke to the press about the incident, saying: "We are investigating to find out who planted the bomb.”

In appreciation for Patel's bravery, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan awarded Patel £607 in recognition for his heroic actions. What a man, and what an act of bravery.