BMW drivers voted the rudest on the road

BMW drivers voted the rudest on the road

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but can you judge a person by their car? Some people think the car you drive says a lot about your personality. For example, Prius owners are pretentious 'holier-than-thou' hippies; Porsche owners are flashy status-seekers going through a mid-life crisis; Hummer owners are rednecks with small penises that are constantly overcompensating. Sure, these are all stereotypes, but sometimes they contain a grain of truth. After all, we buy vehicles to suit our needs, and show off our personal taste. It makes sense for our vehicles to reflect an aspect of our personality. I mean, look at Back to the Future. Can you imagine Doc Brown in anything but a DeLorean?

But who are the rudest drivers in the world? Obviously, everybody in Los Angeles. That's an easy question. To be more specific, who are the rudest drivers in terms of the type of car they drive? According to a recent survey in Britain, BMW drivers are officially considered to be the rudest on the road. (Although I'm sure what's considered rude in Britain would be considered totally polite in America.)

BMW Credit: Pexels

Here's how the results broke down: 56 percent of people believe owners of the BMW M3 are terrible human beings (and, most often, "smarmy businessmen"). Coming in second were Range Rover drivers, with 48 percent of people thinking they totally suck. Meanwhile, 43 percent of people said owners of Audi TT's are absolute garbage. And finally, coming in last, owners of the frequently mocked Ford Transit "white man van". 36 percent of pollers said those drivers were the worst; just the absolute worst. So, if you drive a BMW M3, Range Rover, Audi TT or a Ford Transit, you are incredibly rude, and are probably flicking somebody off or screaming an expletive out a window right now.

But strangely enough, while we're quick to judge others, we don't think we should be judged in the same manner. According to a study by One Poll, drivers are quick to assume the personality of traits of other motorists, but only one in six think they fit a stereotype associated with their vehicles. So, if you're a BMW owner, maybe you could try to break the stereotype, by letting people merge once in a while and not honking like a lunatic if you have to wait a couple seconds. And if you see a BMW owner, maybe you shouldn't judge them on the style of their car, but the content of their character. #NotAllBMWOwners.

BMW Car Credit: Pexels

"Whether accurate or not, the type of car we drive is seen to portray a great deal about our personality on the roads," said James Buttrick, the spokesman for Vantage Leasing, who commissioned the study. "The next time you find yourself in need of a new car, it might be worth considering the stereotype associated with each brand before making your final decision."

Well, it's a tough break for the BMW company, but maybe they should just embrace the negative stereotype. Right now their slogan is "designed for driving pleasure." They could change it to "designed for driving while in constant pain" or "designed for driving while a douchebag" or "BMW: f--k you, we don't need a slogan." Embrace the rudeness!