Entire bachelorette party dies in tragic plane crash on the way home from Dubai

There are undoubtedly many disasters happening each week that forever change the lives of those affected. However, there are some events that are so tragic that they catch the attention of people all over the planet. In this case, a catastrophic plane crash took the lives of a bachelorette party.

Last Sunday a bride and her friends were killed after their plane crash-landed, on their return from the pre-marriage celebrations in Dubai. Turkish businesswoman Mina Basaran, 28, was celebrating her marriage to husband Murat when the plane burst into flames, crashing in the Zagros mountain range in the south of Iran.

alt Credit: Instagram/Mina Basaran

The private plane was heading from Sharjah to Istanbul, leaving at 17:16 local time. It then disappeared from the radar screen at 15:30 GMT, according to the state news agency. All the passengers and crew were killed on the private plane, with authorities confirming today that 11 lives were lost.

A day before her death, Mina posted a photo of herself with her bridesmaids from Dubai, and was also pictured on the flight there, where she had spent the last few days with seven of her closest friends.

alt Credit: Instagram/Mina Basaran

Mojtajba Khaledi, a spokesman for Iran's emergency management organization, said that local villagers discovered the wreckage after the plane was taken down by bad weather. Two helicopters scoured the area today, to search for debris and bodies in the isolated region of Helen's Mountain.

Unfortunately, so far they have "found only badly burned bodies and no survivors", according to Khaledi. DNA tests will be carried out to formally identify the bodies found as the women on board, but there isn't much hope that there will be any survivors.

Iranian news agency Tasnim reported that the plane was a Canadian-made Bombardier, and quoted an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) official as saying: "The plane is on fire. After the pilot asked to lower altitude, it disappeared from the radar." The eight people in the bachelorette party were identified as six Turkish and two Spanish nationals, as well as two pilots and one crew member.

alt Credit: Instagram/Mina Basaran

Kerem Kinik, head of the humanitarian organization the Turkish Red Crescent, wrote in a tweet:

"The wreck of the jet and the bodies are found. They will be carried down from the mountains when the sun comes up. My condolences to those who lost their loved ones."

An investigation into the crash is currently underway and a rescue mission has been launched in case there are any survivors. So far, the cause of the crash is not immediately clear. According to the Sharjah Civil Aviation Department, the plane "did not apply for maintenance procedures while on the ground at the airport," which may have something to do with the accident.

Our thoughts are with Mina's husband Murat, and all the other victims' loved ones during this time.