Five terror suspects wearing suicide belts shot dead in Spain

Five terror suspects wearing suicide belts shot dead in Spain

Five terror suspects have been shot dead after Spanish police intercepted a vehicle which was swerving into pedestrians in the town of Cambrils.

This is the second attack to hit Spain in the last 24 hours. Another van atrocity took place in Barcelona yesterday evening wherein a white Fiat van drove into crowds at Las Ramblas, a popular tourist and commercial street in central Barcelona. The attack killed 13 people and at least 100 others are injured.

This morning it became apparent that ISIS, who claimed responsibility for the first attack on the European country, had apparently orchestrated a complex terror plot to hit a series of targets across Catalonia.

In the early hours of this morning, five people in an Audi A3 began driving into crowds in the Spanish seaside town of Cambrils before being surrounded by police. In a statement, local authorities stated that a shootout followed where police shot dead the five individuals.

Cambrils Credit: Evening Standard

As of now there are no known fatalities. Six pedestrians are confirmed to have been injured, two with serious injuries. Additionally, one police officer has sustained minor injuries.

Whilst the suspects' suicide belts are now considered to be fake, they were later detonated in a controlled explosion by a bomb squad.

A manhunt remains underway for the driver of the vehicle which drove into both tourists and locals on Barcelona's busiest avenue yesterday.

The regional police of Catalonia have stated that the driver is still on the run after fleeing the scene on foot. However, two other suspects have been taken into custody. The named suspect is Driss Oukabir, originating from Morocco. He was detained in northern Catolonia. The other suspect, who has not yet been named, is reportedly a national from the Spanish territory Melilla in the north of Morocco. He was detained in Alcanar.

Credit: The Irish Times

Senior police official, Josep Lluis Trapero has asserted that the attack on Barcelona was "clearly a terror attack intended to kill as many people as possible."

Scenes around Las Ramblas were said to have been distressing. Susan McLean who was a mere 100 metres away from from the attack on Barcelona's most famous boulevard stated, “It was quite terrifying. We were right near the Plaza Catalunya and all of a sudden this horde of people ran screaming towards us." She continued: 

“Children hysterical. Very limited English. They first of all said someone had been shot. 

"We just ran into a shop. I lost my husband in the melee. He went in a different door but all the shops were shuttered.They lost people inside, they really went into lockdown mode and most of the area is still blocked off."

Whilst the British Foreign office is still trying to determine if there were any British fatalities in the attack, the Catalan regional government has confirmed that people from 24 different countries were among those that were killed or injured in the attack. One Belgian national is reported to have died.

This is the second deadliest attack to hit the European country since over 190 people died in Madrid in 2004 when terrorists detonated bombs on the city's commuter trains.
Our thoughts lie with those affected by the terrorist attacks on Spain.