Neo-Nazi calling for "slaughter of Jewish children" turns out to be of Jewish descent

Neo-Nazi calling for "slaughter of Jewish children" turns out to be of Jewish descent

Andrew Auernheimer is one of the biggest white supremacists out there. As co-manager of the Daily Stormer, an infamous white supremacist website, and the man responsible for making swastika-adorned flyers spew out of thousands of printers across America, he has certainly secured himself a place in the anti-Semitic hall of fame. Not to mention that he recently surpassed himself when he called for the slaughter of Jewish children and their families.

"Someone has to step in," he said on the podcast Radical Agenda, hosted by Christopher Cantwell, one of the white nationalists who attended the deadly Charlottesville rally. “If you don’t let us dissent peacefully, then our only option is to murder you. To kill your children. To kill your whole families. There is only one thing absent free speech that we can do to express our dissent and that’s to slaughter you like dogs, and you’re gonna have it coming and your children will deserve to die.”

“We have been very, very patient,” he continued. “What can we do if we can’t even post a n****r joke or a Jewish joke on the Internet? There’s only one thing left and maybe they should be very, very wary of what they’re asking to have happen to them, if they won’t let us have that."

His words are despicable. But recently, one piece of information came to light and made his sickeningly discriminatory views a little awkward: Andrew Auernheimer is of Jewish descent. In January 2018, his mother, Alyse Auernheimer, revealed to the world that her son comes from a “large, mixed-race family” with Native American heritage and has “Jewish relatives on both sides of his family.”

His mother’s words are most likely more than a little embarrassing. Although Auernheimer - or “Weev”, as he likes to use as his pseudonym - alluded to his heritage back in 2012 during an interview with Gawker, most of his background remained unknown to the public, and to his fans. What we do know is that the Arkansas-born 32-years-old runs the technical side of the Daily Stormer, alongside editor Andrew Anglin, and is a mastermind hacker who was imprisoned back in 2013 after he and a colleague created a program to collect information on iPad owners.

After being released, he revealed himself to be a white nationalist, posting pictures of his swastika tattoos and publishing an article in the Daily Stormer. The website lost its dot-com status in August 2017 and struggled to find a provider to host the site after insulting Heather Heyer, who was killed by a neo-Nazi while protesting a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. It has been jumping from domain to domain in the past few months.

However, one thing that's fairly certain is that having Jewish heritage, even if you’ve publicly denounced it, is something not easily accepted in white supremacist circles. When Auernheimer’s mother, who he has been estranged from for over a decade, confirmed his background there was immediate speculation that the information would destroy his standing in anti-Semitic society.

“Jews cannot be part of the white nationalist movement, just as a white man can’t be a part of a black-nationalist group like the Nation of Islam,” Matthew Heimbach of the Traditionalist Worker Party, a white nationalist group, told Newsweek. Any discussion of Auernheimer’s family being Jewish on both sides would be “something interesting to a lot of people,” he added.

To protect Auernheimer, The Goyim Know, a separate website that functions as a comment section for Daily Stormer, has reportedly threatened people who accuse him, or his co-manager Anglin, of having Jewish lineage with a “permanent ban” from the website and this now stands as one of the certified rules.

Unsurprisingly, he is not actually the first Neo-Nazi to be hit with the revelation that their heritage isn’t exactly as “clean” as they would like. Back in August 2017, many white nationalists were dismayed to learn that they were not 100 per cent white, but rather many of them had African, Jewish or Asian genes.

An odd moment of triumph against racism occurred when white supremacist Craig Cobb appeared on daytime TV to hear that his ancestry was only “86 percent European, and … 14 percent Sub-Saharan African.” Unsurprisingly, the Holocaust denier didn’t take it well, naming it “statistical noise” and taking to white nationalist website Stormfront to dispute the results.

Denial is a common theme among Neo-Nazis. Sociologist Joan Donovan has stated that when one discovers their background is not quite as they desired, the conversations that take place afterwards are “overwhelmingly” focused on helping the person to rethink the validity of the genetic test. Their refusal to recognise scientific evidence demonstrates the Neo-Nazi community's complete disconnect from reality. For example, Cobb's black heritage came back to bite him when his house was vandalised shortly afterwards by his own followers.

So, is this the end for Auernheimer's reign of white nationalist terror? With this big reveal, will one of the biggest white nationalists finally get what was coming to him? On one hand, we can all hope the prominent anti-Semitic will get his just desserts and is forced to step down. But this seems unlikely, and even if it did happen, would this not be fighting racism with racism? Then again, there's no doubt that some people out there would be willing to let it slide this one time.