People are sharing their favourite public statues in the wake of Charlottesville rally

People are sharing their favourite public statues in the wake of Charlottesville rally

I'm not too sure what the future holds but with any luck, I'll achieve a fair few things in the short time I'm on this earth. Maybe I'll have a few kids and a loving family, but hopefully I'll do something like save a horde of children from a burning building, and someone will gratefully erect a statue in my honour. Not every statue is as celebrated as my hypothetical one for heroism; just last weekend, the removal of a statue of Confederate leader General Robert E. Lee was protested widely in Charlottesville, leading to shocking scenes of violence.

Online, one man asked the question that's been on quite a few lips over the past week: just what exactly is everyone's favourite statue? I'll admit; it's not the most trendy of hobbies, but here are some of the responses.

1. This guy's really rocking the hat

2. Whatever drugs the sculptor was on when he made these, I want some

3. Here's that statue again from the back

4. I wonder what the context is for this one

5. A very good choice

6. These ducks are all they're quacked up to be

7. Blissful 

8. This one is pretty cool too 

9. This dog is a very good boy

10. This upside-down statue is a must-see 

11. Somber and profound

12. Always a good choice

13. This one of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

14. This hardcore statue from Africa

15. This is awesome

16. An entertainment legend and his most famous creation

17. Oh, the existential pain of being a super-intelligent deer

18. And, of course...

Although the Confederate statue of Robert E. Lee is understandably being removed from public view, there remains the idea that not only are statues monuments of people and ideals, but also of cultures and eras gone by. I don't know about you guys, but I've been reminded of some great statues around the world... and certainly learned about a few more too.