Police officers suspended after taking pictures with topless tourists on the beach

Police officers suspended after taking pictures with topless tourists on the beach

If there's anyone we should be able to rely on to be an upstanding citizen, it's a police officer. We're supposed to trust them to take care of us, to uphold the law to protect us, and to set an example of how to behave. But, just like everyone else, law enforcement officers are only human - and they're just as susceptible to making bad decisions as the next person.

So, when three heavily-armed state police officers in Cancún, Mexico came across some topless women on a beach, they thought it would be a good idea to set aside their professional duties for a moment in order to pose with them.

Unfortunately for the trio, the incident was caught on camera by another beachgoer and was promptly posted online for the whole world to see.

Credit: Twitter/Noticaribe

The photographs were uploaded to a local Facebook group by an unnamed user, who included the caption: "...when you're more interested in the sl**s than looking after Cancún beaches."

This was perhaps a reference to the increasing levels of violence in the Quintana Roo region, which is slowly creeping into more popular tourist hotspots such as Cancún. The problems are caused by drug cartels, and many people believe that police control of such organisations is not tough enough.

For example, in January last year, armed attackers stormed the state prosecutor's office in the city, murdering four people in the process. Just a day before that, a shooting at a music festival in the nearby Playa del Carmen ended the lives of five people.

In total, approximately 205 people were murdered in Cancún last year - suggesting that police could be doing more to tackle the extreme levels of violence.

Obviously, then, pictures like these ones are going to cause a significant amount of outrage.

Credit: Twitter/Noticaribe

The incriminating post was later taken down, supposedly at the request of the state police. Though it hasn't been confirmed, this seems a likely course of action for law enforcement to take - especially if they are concerned with their public image at this time of unrest.

According to reports, the police weren't originally planning to investigate the incident because "they were unaware of the facts", but that stance has now been reversed. As of last night, the Ministry of Public Security of Quintana Roo disclosed that it had opened an internal investigation into exactly what transpired on the beach.

The three officers - who haven't been named - have since been suspended awaiting a disciplinary investigation.

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The identities of the women also remain unknown, but it is believed that they are tourists to the area.

Despite its shady drug culture, Cancún still receives thousands of tourists every year and is actually one of the most-visited areas of Mexico. If you're planning to take a trip down there someday, remember to be wary of the high crime levels in the area. Oh, and don't take any topless snaps with police officers.