Saudi Arabia is now allowing women to drive cars

Saudi Arabia is now allowing women to drive cars

Multiple outlets are reporting that the Saudi government, in a royal decree, is permitting women to drive and will begin issuing driver's licenses to women.

The longstanding ban prevented women from driving cars, and represented an institutionalized sexism in the Islamic monarchy.

Of course, before you go thinking that Saudi Arabia is woke or that sexism is cancelled or something, the repressive state stills beheads over a hundred people every year, is waging a humintarian-disaster of a shadow war against Yemen, and here's a list of everyday things that Saudi women still can't do:

Go outside without being covered (You can be beaten by the religious police if more than your hands or eyes are showing).

You can't meet men in public who are outside of your family (This comes with gender segregation of schools and offices).

Open a bank account (Good luck leaving your abusive husband with no finances of your own).

And be in public without a male chaperone (So you can't go anywhere without your father or brother).

Perhaps Saudi Arabia is moving toward liberalizing. But at the moment, the driving ban was just the tip of an iceberg of abuses. How 'woke' can your religious monarchy be? Of course, it's doubly strange that the widely-considered 'Islamophobic' Trump administration has no problem working with Saudi Arabia as a close ally, but condemns Iran and other Islamic countries with his travel ban.

Perhaps money speaks louder than ideas?