This is the terrifying moment 'drone bomb' explodes in alleged assassination attempt on Venezuelan President

This is the terrifying moment 'drone bomb' explodes in alleged assassination attempt on Venezuelan President

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro gave a speech on Saturday to a large audience in the country's capital Caracas, during which an alleged assassination attempt was made. The president, who was recently re-elected for another six-year term after assuming office in 2013, was standing on a stage when two drones carrying explosives went off mid-air in front of him.

The president remained unharmed, though seven soldiers were injured in what Maduro described as an assassination attempt. The attack occurred at an outdoor rally held in downtown Caracas to commemorate the National Guard, and authorities said on Sunday that six "terrorists and hired killers" have been arrested for involvement in the drone explosions.

According to Interior Minister Nestor Reverol, one drone was "diverted" by a sniper from the security forces, causing it to explode mid-air, while the second fell on its own and hit an apartment building.

The event was highly-televised, and footage shows the president appearing startled as the first drone explodes in front of the stage where he is standing. Maduro was standing beside his wife, Cilia Flores, as well as several high-ranking military officials.

Another clip shows the guard lined up for the rally breaking formation and running to the side of the boulevard in a chaotic reaction to the second explosion. The clips were widely shared on social media.

Further footage has emerged which allegedly shows the first drone hovering in the sky before exploding with a huge burst of flames. The two drones are said to be M600 models, commercially available devices that are commonly used for aerial photography and industrial use. It is reported that each of the drones was carrying 2lbs of C4 explosive.

You can see the drone explode here:

The event was being aired live, and additional footage shows the president being ushered away under the protection of his bodyguards.

Reverol said a group loaded the two drones with explosives and flew them over the military parade to be set off. The arrests imply that the attack was lead by anti-Maduro groups, many of whom have been protesting on the street in recent times. Called "The Resistance", they have lead two public demonstrations that turned violent and left hundreds dead.

Maduro, however, has blamed Colombia for the attack, though he gave no evidence or explanation. Colombia said the claim was "baseless". The government also implied it was the opposition party that instigated the attack.

President Maduro addressed the nation on Saturday evening, stating: "This was an attempt to kill me. Today they tried to assassinate me.

"That drone came after me but there was a shield of love that always protects us. I'm sure I'll live for many more years.

"I am fine, I am alive, and after this attack I'm more determined than ever to follow the path of the revolution.

"Justice! Maximum punishment! And there will be no forgiveness."

"We have six terrorists and assassins detained," Reverol said, suggesting more people could be detained as the investigation into the attack continues.