Woman caught up in Barcelona terror incident also survived London Bridge and Paris attacks

Woman caught up in Barcelona terror incident also survived London Bridge and Paris attacks

We've all heard legendary stories of impossible human survival. There was the story of an American railway worker who had a steel pole fired through his head, lodged in his brain, and yet he survived for decades afterward.

There are farmers who have had hiccups for 60 years, and who have been hit by lightning a good handful of times. Some people just seem to overcome the odds in the worst ways. One person who was drafted for World War I, World War II, survived a car crash and a house fire would be a legend. But this woman is a modern-day version of such a lucky character, in modern-day battlefields.

Julia monaco Credit: 3AW Australia

The peace and security of the general European world may last for centuries to come, but it is certainly being dented by car attacks, instances of terror, bombings and knifings. The ultimate expression of terror is transforming an innocent everyday location into a war-zone.

Julia Monaco has survived three separate terror attacks in 2017. In one year, while traveling through Europe, she was unfortunate enough to be trapped at the scene of three separate horrific incidents. A 26 year old on vacation from Melbourne, Monaco's Twitter account chronicled the recent terror in Barcelona:

She was out shopping in Placa de Catalyuna when the attack took place, where she told an Australian radio station:

"The next second we knew we were literally running for our lives to the very back of the store where we were told to get on the ground away from the windows and lay as flat as possible."

The fear she must have felt for the third time that year is indescribable. Surely, this European vacation must have made her think that Europe is falling! Not good.

Julia monaco friends Credit: 3AW Australia

"Suddenly everyone outside just started screaming and everyone turned at the same time."

In June, Monaco was present at a terror-related knifing at Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. In July, she was put on lockdown in the Tube underground while three knife-using terrorists stormed the London Bridge.

She was apparently followed, by sheer coincidence, from Paris to London to Barcelona by a summer-long streak of terror. And yet, she survived it all, she remains optimistic about the future.

“But I don't feel like I want to go home. I feel like I want to stay here and not let them, whoever they might be, win."

Julia Monaco's summer European vacation will go on, and we can only hope that no more terror will follow her. It's remarkable that she has been involved in so many attacks. What is her Zodiac sign? Maybe she should get a Tarot reading, see if anyone in her family history has been involved in crazily improbable historical events.

guernica dali chaos Credit: Socratic

We're happy Julia is alive, and remains a symbol of the persistence of ordinary life in the face of total chaos worldwide. No matter what happens, if we can keep her attitude, and enjoy life despite the monthly threat of something going wrong, we will, as George W. Bush once said, "defeat the terrorists."