Apple reveals features of new iPhone 8 in major leak

Apple reveals features of new iPhone 8 in major leak

As we're all aware by now, the new iPhone is on the horizon, and there have been a lot of theories regarding what the new features will be and how much it will cost. Unfortunately for Apple, they have suffered one of their biggest leaks in history just a few days before it's due to unveil the next generation of the flagship smartphone.

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This information, which had been hidden in Apple's upcoming iOS 11 software, has revealed that the technology giant is planning to unveil three new handsets on Tuesday, called the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The leak, which came from Apple themselves rather than a mysterious source as per usual, confirmed details of the new phones, including its name, new camera and screen technologies as well as information regarding the new Apple Watch and wireless headphones.

It's expected that the three phones are going to be unveiled on Tuesday and will include a premium handset and a software update to its current offering. The iPhone X, which is being touted as the flagship device, is believed to cost around £1,000, with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus being a little bit cheaper.

Steve Troughton-Smith, an app developer from Ireland, discovered the clues within Apple's final developer update for the iOS 11 beta. Up until this date, the iPhone had been referred to in the software by the code name of "D22".

"It was very clear that iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X were the marketing names," said Troughton-Smith.

"It's theoretically possible that Apple could change that marketing name for the iPhone X, especially if it's not going to be finished for another month as per rumors. But I like to deal with hard evidence, and right now iPhone X calls itself iPhone X."

Troughton-Smith discovered what he believes are the final specs for Apple's new batch of iPhones. The iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus will have 3GB of RAM, while the iPhone 8, which is set to be the smaller model, will have 2GB of RAM, according to the leak.

It's also believed that the iPhone X's rear camera will have a 12MP sensor camera, with its front camera being 7MP. The inside of the phone will also have a powerful A11 processor.

Previous leaks have revealed that the iPhone X will have a 5.8-inch screen that will cover almost the entire front of the phone. The screen will have a small indent at the top in order for it to have a facial recognition camera, which will allow users of the the phone to unlock it with their face and will replace the fingerprint scanner. Apple is also expected to ditch the home button completely to make way for the screen.

The iOS 11 code leak also revealed that Apple are planning to release a new smartwatch and are going to update the Airpod wireless headphones. Despite the leak, Apple will hold its annual launch event at 10am Pacific time on Tuesday September 12, inside of the Steve Jobs Theatre in California.

No doubt there will be plenty of other features announced and that the raging debate between Apple and Android users will continue for many years to come.