Dad Transforms His Sons' Drawings Into Detailed Anime Characters

Dad Transforms His Sons' Drawings Into Detailed Anime Characters

When I was a young boy, I took a real liking to drawing. Whether it was a bunch of flowers, an awesome monster truck or just a portrait of my family, I used to take a pencil to paper with real gusto. When I was finished (or more likely, when I got bored) I would show my masterpiece to either my mom or dad with a sense of pride, and they would always put it on the fridge, or in a scrapbook (emphasis on the scrap).

However, looking back at my artistic endeavours today, I have had to face quite an inconvenient truth: I am, and always have been, terrible at drawing. While my parents praised me simply to boost my confidence, one dad has worked tirelessly to make sure his eight-year-old son Itsuki and 10-year-old Ryunosuke's drawings actually look good. That dad is Thomas Romain, a French animator living in Toyko, and in the Father And Sons Design Workshop, he's put together some children's drawings with a decidedly anime-style twist.

1. "Samourai girl"

2. "Pompaa's shop"

3. "Big Eye"

4. "Pink-Head Glider"

5. "Sylveria, Guardian of the Forest"

6. "Half-dead Demon Lord"

7. "Yago the apothecary"

8. "Mummy boy demon"

9. "Forgotten Giant"

10. "Skulloid"

11. "Boomerang-bot"

12. "Lord of Wafida"

13. "Time Octopus"

14. "Steampunk War Machine"

15. "Kindred souls Knights"

16. "Fire Guardian"

17. "Snake fighter"

18. "Sand Golem"

19. "Tulip Brothers"

20. "Steampunk Doctor"

Wow, aren't these the coolest? I don't know about you, but I'd happily watch an anime involving any and all of these characters. It's pretty cool what Thomas Romain and his kids have done together, and it's a unique way for a father to show his appreciation for his sons.