This is what it looks like when your webcam gets hacked by the deep web

This is what it looks like when your webcam gets hacked by the deep web

Between the deep web and the deep state, it seems there's a whole underground world of catacombs and dark arches beneath us, lurking under the foundations of our society, Gothic cathedrals filled with the most horrific secret operations and child smuggling operations we all wish weren't real.

Our world is built above this seething iceberg known as the deep web. It is, in many ways, the structured negative unconscious of the internet. It is all the evil and sinister motivations that compact together and create connective tissue. It is the meat and fibre of the demons we seek to avoid. In real life, there are people like the villains in Taken, but there are no Liam Neeson's out there leveraging vigilante justice, only the occasional government busts.

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You may have been advised, at one point or another, to take a piece of black tape and press it over your laptop camera. Of course, this is to protect from hackers who frequent the deep web, people who use remote technology to access your computer and turn on its camera, recording you 24/7.

Of course, this is extremely rare. But it does happen. Hackers out there can have footage of you browsing the web, eating food at your desk, and even sleeping as the glow of your computer screen hums blue in the outskirts of our dream vision.

A video has surfaced on YouTube, showcasing a collection of people who have been spied on by deep web hackers using their laptop cameras. You'll never know you've been spied on, and for anyone familiar with the deep web, it's one of the easiest things to do.

Here's the video in question:

A woman doing stretches, a man with Marylin Manson face paint, and a very creepy woman with a constant twitch are all victims of this particular hacker. They're being watched, and they won't ever know it, unless of course, they find this article or video, and recognize themselves in one terrifying mirror moment.

If your laptop is open most of the time, hackers can watch your entire apartment, as you wake up, sleep, leave and return from work. Some could potentially use this information to learn about your habits, though usually it seems to be used by voyeurs and interested internet denizens who have grown bored of the surface web.

To protect yourself, you can put tape over your laptop camera, blocking it physically. Another method is to set up a password system for access to your laptop camera. And not just any password - one that actually works. A complex, lengthily password that someone can't crack with a few minutes and the right application.

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The deep web, of course, isn't all sinister. The dark web, a small portion of the deep web, is commonly used to sell drugs via cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. You can buy cocaine or psychedelic mushrooms, and a few clicks later, hire a hitman to kill somebody. All transactions are mediated by a third party - the money is sent in by the customer, and held until the service is performed, at which point it is released to the seller.

It's a little harder to sleep now, isn't it?