This six-word puzzle meant for kids is so hard it's baffling adults too

This six-word puzzle meant for kids is so hard it's baffling adults too

Even kids have their vices. Thumb-sucking, sweets, an unhealthy attachment to a plush toy, and possibly most horrifying of all – RED CORDIAL – all things kids love to indulge in but probably shouldn't. One thing was hit that sweet spot between parent and child approved was American children's magazine Highlights.

Highlights is something that probably brings back lots of memories of childhood, alongside those of you at the bathroom basin, rubbing your little sister's toothbrush into the soap cake and putting snails in your neighbour's letterbox. It's a publication for children between the ages of six and 12 and promises "Fun with a Purpose", a slogan that basically just foils the fun it proposes.

In any case, it is a delightful magazine, with its classic comic strip Goofus and Gallant and a section titled Ask Arizona, where kids can send in whatever dilemmas and ailments they're experiencing and have them answered by way of storytelling.

But BEST of all is, of course, the Hidden Pictures section. It's been in every issue of Highlights since its first in 1946 and is now found on page 14. The aim of the game is to find smaller pictures hidden within a larger picture.

While you'd think that kids nowadays would poo-poo a real, tangible paper magazine, in favour of Minecraft or some kind of sophisticated parent-approved interactive-educational game on the iPad, it's apparently not the case at all.

Kids still love Highlights, and recently, it's done the rounds on the internet because of one Hidden Picture that's so difficult that children and adults alike are stumped.

Here it is:

highlights puzzle illustration Credit: Highlights

There are six words in the illustration, each of them at least 4 letters long. Can you spot them? Go on and take a long, hard look.

Nothing? Try squinting and tilting your head a bit, that might help.

If you've been sitting and blinking at your screen for a good few minutes to no avail, then you're not alone. A lot of people have expressed their frustration in trying to find the words, which don't appear to be there at all.

But trust me, they are. Wanna know where? The answers are below.

highlights puzzle illustration Credit: Highlights

Once you see it, you can't unsee it.

The puzzle was a particularly difficult one for Highlights standards, and if us – the education, mature, grown-up clumps of wisdom that we are – are unable to find them, how the heck are kids supposed to? The magazine might have to start reconsidering their faith in human inspection capabilities.

If you did get all six, then I tip my hat to you. And now, I implore you to try answering these three questions correctly – it's the world's shortest intelligence test, and I promise you that it's just as hard