Here are all the things Apple didn't tell us about the 256GB iPhone X

So finally, after months of speculation and leaks, the new iPhone has finally arrived and everyone is losing their minds for a variety of reasons. The iPhone 8 and the iPhone8+ are the latest bits of kit to be created by the tech giant and there is also the iPhone X - the phone that has plenty of tech fans licking their lips.

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The X is the anniversary phone and it contains exciting features like no home button and facial recognition, although this feature failed on its first presentation to the mass media yesterday.

On Tuesday, Apple revealed the new batch of phones, including the iPhone X, to much fanfare. The new features that were highlighted during the slick presentation were wireless changing, "true depth cameras", and longer battery life (hurrah!), as well as being waterproof; so you will no longer need to chuck your phone in bags of rice when you drop it down the toilet.

Apple revealed a lot of details about the iPhone X, but there was also plenty that the company didn't tell us. Phil Schiller, who is soon to be Apple's SVP of marketing, told us how much the 64GB version of the iPhone X would cost, but he failed to reveal the same amount of information regarding the 256GB version.

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The smaller version of the phone is set to cost $999, or £999 for UK customers (how does that exchange rate work, Apple?), but the cost of the bigger brother is absolutely eye-watering. For a while now, we've been wondering when a phone will break the $1,000 mark, and that time is now.

Yep, Apple's 256GB version of the iPhone X, will set you back $1,149.

To put that into context, that is the same price as a MacBook Air with a 13.3-inch display and more expensive than an iPad and an iMac desktop computer. Now maybe I'm being a bit stupid here, but over $1,000 for a mobile phone seems completely and utterly ridiculous. Can we just go back to the days when phones cost $50 and we weren't so obsessed with them?

In addition, the iPhone X will support fast charging, something which is fairly common in android phones already and will allow users to get a 50 percent charge in 30 minutes.

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The iPhone X also features Galileo support, Europe's new satellite system, which means it will now be harder than ever to lose your phone, although seeing as it costs over $1,000, you shouldn't really be misplacing it in the first place.

Despite the fact that the iPhone X will also have a super retina display, it won't be as bright as Samsung's Galaxy Note 8, but it does mean it won't burn a hole in your eyes when you're trying to get to sleep at night.

It's all very exciting, and no doubt despite the ridiculous price, people will be rushing to buy the iPhone X. Apple seem to have some sort of power over people; I mean, they bought out the most losable wireless headphones I have ever seen and everyone went crazy for them - the world is a funny place.