Expert reveals how the UK's worst criminal proved he was guilty in 9 seconds

Expert reveals how the UK's worst criminal proved he was guilty in 9 seconds

As unfortunate as it sounds, criminals have been around pretty much since the very first laws were set in stone. Yes, amongst the decent rule-abiding citizens, there will always be those who have absolutely no qualms about breaking the law. These people seem intent on causing disruption to people's lives and the general order of things, despite the threat of being caught. And the threat of being caught is a very real one. I mean, there are plenty of surveillance cameras documenting our every move, and sometimes these very cameras capture crimes in their entirety.

But while being a criminal is a pretty nasty business, there's no denying that there's a special kind of cunning and skill that many of these lawbreakers have. In fact, some of them can go their entire lives, having committed the most heinous of crimes, without ever being convicted for them. For a very long time, it seemed that Harold Shipman was one of these dangerous criminals.

Yes, for more than two decades Dr. Harold Shipman upheld the façade of a respected GP and influential member of his community, but in actual fact, he was an incredibly evil human being. It is believed that he claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent people. And experts are now saying they have discovered the exact moment the serial killer, also known as "Dr. Death", gave away his guilt.

Take a look at the moment Harold Shipman exposed his guilt in just nine seconds:

In a brand new show, Faking It: Tears Of A Crime, these experts analyzed Shipman's, body language, psychology, and speech from several interviews and said they believe he subconsciously gave away his guilt in nine seconds.

It was back in 2001 that Shipman was convicted and questioned by the police. It was in connection with hundreds of deaths which occurred under suspicious circumstances while he was a working as a doctor in West Yorkshire in Northern England.

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During one particular interview, a body language expert called Cliff Lansley said it was clear that Shipman was trying not to give anything away. He even kept his back turned toward the officers. However, he did manage to let slip that he was, in fact, the perpetrator of these heinous crimes in a mere nine seconds. The change in his body language came about when he was shown a photo of Elizabeth Pearce, one of his victims.

Cliff Lansley said: "He must be experiencing fear. How do we know? Because in fear, like our ancestors if they were threatened by a large animal, they'd freeze."

It is at this moment that Lansley and Shipman's guilt becomes clear. Lansley added:

"That freeze response is a psychological-physical reaction. This is subconscious. This is the point he stops breathing, and he knows the picture is there... He doesn't breathe for nine seconds. So, Elizabeth Pearce - that name is a problem for him."

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Sir Richard Henriques QC was part of the Prosecution Counsel who help put Shipman in prison. In the documentary, he explains that, to this day, we still do not the full extent of Shipman's crimes. The actual number of his victims could be a lot higher than the number he was convicted for.

He said: "The public inquiries reached 420 on the basis of balance of probabilities, but he was given the benefit of the doubt in a number of cases and so yes, it could have been more."

Shipman is not the only murderer that the documentary focused on - they also took a look into a police interview tape of James Warnock. If you'd like to watch it, the new series, Faking It: Tears Of A Crime, series it will be premiering this Friday on Investigation Discovery at 10 pm.

We would like to express our condolences to the loved ones of the victims featured in the series.