15 People reveal their most creative ways of hiding their valuables from thieves

Unfortunately, it's a fact of life; at some point or another, you're going to have something of yours stolen away from you, and it's not always easy to get over. Whether it's that bike you got for your 13th birthday that disappeared four days later, or a trinket from a long-passed relative that held more emotional value than financial, it's never nice to be the victim of burglars or thieves.

However, in the wake of such dastardly burglary, some people are getting wiser, and have come up with some creative ways of hiding their stuff from thieves when our doorways and walls are eventually breached.

1. A secret drawer in the windowsill

alt Credit: GL Callow

2. A nifty set of rotating bookshelves

alt Credit: Consuelo Jorge

3. A secret bookshelf

alt Credit: Top Secret Furniture

4. It's a birdhouse... or is it?

alt Credit: Amazon

5. Hide your belongings in boxers that look a lot like a jar of grains

alt Credit: YouTube/facilisimo

6. A secret chair compartment

alt Credit: Instructables.com

7. Nobody's ever going to check a diaper when stealing your stuff at the beach

alt Credit: Rustic Baby Chic

8. My only question with this is... how does it open?

alt Credit: Droog.com

9. Taking the right steps to secure your home... literally

alt Credit: Saving4six

10. What a nice family photo - oh wait

alt Credit: Etsy

11. Nobody will ever find my secret candy stash again

alt Credit: Reddit

12. Though I guess having blank CDs in this day and age is a little suspicious...

alt Credit: Instructables

13. Don't mind me, I'm just charging my phone...

alt Credit: Instructables

14. Take the sting out of any burglary with this "hornet's nest"

alt Credit: Instructables

15. This toy jar isn't monkeying around

alt Credit: Instructables

Well, there you have it folks. Dealing with thieves can be next to impossible, and it's pretty much inevitable that you'll be targeted at some point or another. When that happens, you can use some of these hacks to ensure that the damage will at least be limited.