Facebook now has a snooze button for all those annoying people on your newsfeed

Facebook now has a snooze button for all those annoying people on your newsfeed

The snooze button is either the best or worst thing ever invented. On one hand, it enables you to stay in bed that little bit longer, milking your sleep for every last second you can get. But, on the other hand, it makes you continuously late and is probably the worst way to actually start your day.

Whatever your opinion on the snooze button, it's safe to say that you could with one on social media sometimes.

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Whether it's Donald Trump's latest Twitter meltdown or your old high school friend who has just had a really ugly kid - sometimes social media can become too much. While there's no doubt that we all get a sick thrill out of the occasional stalk, people who live their lives on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram become seriously annoying.

You know the type, they check in when they go to a restaurant, take a photo when they go to the park. They upload endless statuses at photos of their newborn child, who, despite the fact they call him the "most beautiful boy", is super ugly and horrendously blotchy.

So, luckily for us, in what is one of the most genius social media moves of all time - Facebook has decided to add a snooze button. Say goodbye to baby pictures, adios to food updates and ciao to weight loss journeys. Now, your Facebook feed can become a place of tranquillity and peace. The snooze button eradicates the need to un-friend someone and cause unnecessary beef, and lets you silently delete them from your life for a while.

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The button will temporarily block the person in question from your feed for 30 days, without them being notified. At the end of this blissful period, Facebook will send you a reminder that you will begin to see their posts again. If the idea of doing so still haunts you, you can set the snooze button on again and continue the silence.

To activate this handy feature, simply go to the drop-down menu at the top right of the post, and click the button. It's that simple, two taps and your life will be free of the serial cat, food, and baby pictures that clog up your feed. If you're feeling extra trigger happy and are a bit concerned that you can't see the button on your newsfeed yet, don't fret. Facebook has just begun rolling the button out and it should be with all users by the end of the week.

Facebook has said that as well as the Snooze feature, they are also working on some other exciting things: "We'll continue to provide easy-to-use tools to give you the most personalized experience possible every time you visit Facebook," the company explained in a Newsrooms post.

While the Snooze feature is no doubt going to be popular, can Facebook bring in a thumbs down post? Just so your 'friends' know when they're posting something completely pointless.