New AI is coming that can tell if you’re liberal or conservative

New AI is coming that can tell if you’re liberal or conservative

It seems that a singularity of some sort is rapidly approaching. Apple seeks to make face-scanning technology a standard element of every iPhone, artificial intelligence can tell whether you're gay or straight from a single photo of your face, and now it can also tell whether you're a conservative or a liberal - all just from one photograph of your face.

The frightening truth about human beings is that so much of who we are is contained in material, readable genetic information. Our personality defines our political views, to the point where high openness and high agreeableness make liberals, and low openness and high conscientiousness make conservatives. This isn't pop-psych nonsense - the big five personality model is one of the most vital instruments in modern psychology. You are not a blank slate, a spirit floating in chaos. You are a biological organism and your biological personality can be read by powerful technology.

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Michal Kosinski, the Stanford professor who was behind the original study that AI can predict whether you are gay or straight from a simple face scan, has said that technology is only the tip of the iceberg.

By reading a person's face, Kosinski claims that soon you can determine that person's IQ, health, potential criminal attitudes, and political beliefs. Basically, you have no privacy.

It seems that political views are mostly inherited - genetically - from one's parents. Thus, your attitudes toward open borders, war, taxation and political correctness are literally embedded in your biologically coded personality. Upbringing can change you, but your innate reactions to, say, Donald Trump, of either love or disgust, go deeper than mere ideology. It goes to the DNA.

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Just by looking at photos, a currently-existing AI can determine a man's sexuality 91% of the time and a woman's sexuality 83% of the time.

This has caused controversy on two fronts: one, publicly outing people based on facial features would be quite destructive for the gay community.

And two, it's rather shocking and life-altering to think that your biological facial composition says so much about who you are, and we have even less of a choice than we think about our sexual identities. Frightening stuff.

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Of course, we can tell what the next steps of this dystopian technology will include. Soon, we'll be able to measure potential criminal behavior just from a person's face, and lock them up for pre-crimes just like Minority Report. Police can scan your face while you're in handcuffs and search your hone without a warrant, if it can unlock just through facial recognition.

Your political views, sexuality, and deep ingrained beliefs can all be made public to a simple scanner. If you enter a building, for example, the owner of that building can install a scanner on the entrance without your knowledge that collects data on your personality and habits.

Where is all this going? Well, if you see it ending anywhere but totalitarian corporate control, let me know what you're thinking. I'd love a dash of optimism here.

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