A new service is offering a Netflix-style subscription service for air travel

A new service is offering a Netflix-style subscription service for air travel

I don't travel on planes very often. This is mostly down to not having the money to go on vacation, but even if I can I don't look forward to the experience, which is pretty difficult to endure start to finish.

Sure, you get to fly long distances in a short amount of time. It still feels like a scientific marvel to be up in the air alongside 50-or-so fellow passengers. But to get there you first have to queue endlessly, have your things searched, and sit on a plane with a migraine as children scream and kick the back of your chair.

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It's not exactly ideal, that's for sure. But the difficulty doesn't just begin when you arrive at the airport. Before then, you still have to go through the process of finding the cheapest, most easy way to get where you are going. You'd think that being able to book tickets online would have made this a lot easier, but in all honesty it has just made it more complicated.

There are so many options, and the sites themselves don't offer much help in how you should narrow them down. If you're booking your flights separately from another travelling with you, the two of you can still end up paying drastically different amounts, with one leaving at 4am and the other getting a nice lie-in.

But this new service has come up with an alternative option. SkyHi, a new startup company, is offering the first subscription platform for air travel. The service will be available as an app to download from the iOS or Android stores, where you pay a monthly subscription for your air travel.

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Speaking to Digital Trends, SkyHi marketing executive Sydney Campos said:

"The way we fly has been in major need of an update since, well, forever. For the average consumer, the way we’re trained to fly is antiquated and typically takes months of advanced planning to orchestrate. A lot of the current system has been a result of cost-prohibitive measures making last-minute or spontaneous travel undesirable, due to the associated high expense.

"The other issue is inefficiency from the airline industry standpoint: Lots of empty seats go unsold and there hasn’t been an efficient way of handling it that benefits all sides. Our platform offers a clear win-win."

For $199 a month, you can get a single one-way flight per week (with additional tickets bought for a $35 fee), as long as it's within a 1,500-mile radius of your current location. This will a godsend for people who fly regularly, whether it be for business or pleasure. Or, if you fancy some cheap travel, you can try it out for a month before cancelling.

Campos continued:

"We see SkyHi being used by the ever-expanding generation of entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads, creatives, and adventurers who have been waiting for something like this to come on the scene. This is the future of flying — where taking a flight is as typical as booking a train upstate or a ferry across the river."

At the moment the platform is open for beta access to early members, but will get a widespread release in October, with an increasing number of flights and regions being added to the service in the months that follow.