The original Game Boy is coming back and it looks amazing

Despite the fact that we are in an age of incredible technological advancement and progress, we can't help but long for the games consoles of old. Yes PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are great consoles in their own right, but you cannot beat a little bit of the old school. I guess that this notion applies to all aspects of life, we can't help but still be enamoured by the things we grew up with. Whether it's music, clothing or technology; what goes around, comes back around.

It seems that once you exit your teens and enter your twenties, you can't help but long for the items that defined your adolescence. In fact, writing this now, I'm wearing a pair of sneakers that are a Nike re-release of a model from 1997 and wearing all second-hand clothing while listening to music from the 1990's. While I'm writing on a MacBook and will play my PS4 when I'm home, I still have both my N64 and SEGA Mega Drive boxed and ready to play.

New Game Boy Credit: Gizmodo

In light of this trend, it's hardly surprising to find out that the Game Boy is coming back. While the new and improved model looks set to be better than ever, it's believed that it won't stray too far away from the classic handheld console that inspired a generation of gamers.

Developer Hyperkin is working on an unofficial re-release of the Game Boy which is set to be practically identical to the original, iconic 1989 Nintendo model. The device, which is currently being titled the Ultra Game Boy, will be made of aluminium rather than grey plastic, making it far more idiot-proof than the original, which would get more and more beaten up with every Pokemon battle.

new game boy Credit: Gizmodo

Gizmodo claims that the device will have a backlit LCD screen in order to help gamers see the black and white games - which include Tetris and Super Mario Land - in clearer detail. However, if you're looking for the genuine and dimly lit experience, you can turn this screen off and opt for turning the console away from the sun every time you play it.

The console will have six hours of battery life, a USB port for charging, stereo speakers and even an option to compose your own music to run alongside your digital adventures. It is set to hit the shelves in the summer, with it costing less than $100. Also, just like the original, games will not be built in, meaning you'll have to go rummage through your cupboards and give those old game cartridges a good blow before you get to experience the console for yourself.

new game boy Credit: Gizmodo

While the re-release will undoubtedly be successful among the growing millennial appetite for retro gaming, it will be hard-pressed to match the sales figures of the original Game Boys (including the Game Boy colour), which sold 119 million units over their 14-year lifespan.

In light of this news, I'm going to head home, dust off my old Pikachu bag with all my games in and load up a bit of Pokemon Red and get transported back to the year 1999. See you there!