Pilot accidentally drops phone from airplane and records the whole thing

Pilot accidentally drops phone from airplane and records the whole thing

In the modern day, it's pretty much standard fare to own a smartphone, and that makes the burst of anxiety when you drop your phone an extremely relatable experience. Whether it's down a long staircase, onto hard and unforgiving concrete, or the gentle splash of a (hopefully unused) toilet, there's always a few seconds of panic, before you gingerly retrieve your device to assess the damage.

Cracked iPhone screen Credit: The Guardian

That's only from a short distance in the air; when you drop your phone from several meters in the air, say off the Eiffel Tower or an airplane, you can pretty much start your journey to the electronics store right there and then as soon as you drop it. Sometimes, though, not only does your phone not smash into a thousand tiny pieces, it can actually continue functioning as if nothing happened at all.

It may sound farfetched, but that's exactly what happened to Blake Henderson, a hobbyist pilot from Nashville who was attempting to record some sweet airborne footage when his small aircraft hit an unexpected patch of turbulence. The phone fell out of the small plane, plummeting as much as 1,000 feet.

Soon, the effects of gravity begin to kick in, and the device fell faster and faster, spinning manically in the air as it rapidly approached terminal velocity, making for some mesmerizing visuals. Not only did the phone survive its impromptu skydiving lesson, it kept recording, and eventually makes a landing in a nearby neighborhood.

It's picked up by a neighbor, who has no idea where this phone came from, nor who it actually belongs to. He asks around to no avail, before Blake is able to land his plane and retrieve the adventuring mobile device. All in all, the phone went from the window of Blake's plane to the ground, then back in his hands in a little over 11 minutes.

airplane view Credit: YouTube

The awesome footage was posted to YouTube by Blake's nephew, where it's already generated nearly a million views in just four days. He explained exactly what happened in the video's description.

"My uncle Blake Henderson encountered severe turbulence while chasing a JN-4 Jenny bi-plane (seen at the beginning of the video. His phone was sucked out of the craft on accident and dropped around 1000 ft into a very nice families yard!" [sic]

Phone in garden Credit: YouTube

Blake Henderson's phone is a Samsung Galaxy 5S, so if there are any iPhone owners wringing their hands over the durability of their device, maybe this'll convince you to make the switch. It's definitely proved how tough it can be, and although it lands on grass, that's still a hell of a fall.

With the advent of smartphones taking over from the era of Nokia phones seemingly capable of surviving nuclear blasts, the anxiety of dropping your phone is a relatively recent phenomenon.

Phone manufacturers are working round the clock to ensure that every iteration is that little bit tougher, but either way, I think it's wise not to follow Blake's example here, and try not to record footage while you're attempting to fly a plane. Anything can happen.