This bizarre conspiracy about the moon is making people everywhere scratch their heads

This bizarre conspiracy about the moon is making people everywhere scratch their heads

If you’ve been paying attention to the weirder side of the news recently, you might have come across a group of people known as Flat-Earthers. As their name suggests, these individuals are united in the belief that our humble little planet is not - as we have all been told - a globe, but rather a flat platform.

Some folks are so invested in this belief, in fact, that they will go to extreme lengths to prove it, with one follower having even built his own rocket in order to observe the roundness (or not) of the Earth.

But if you thought that was strange, you’d better hold on to your tin foil hats for this next conspiracy theory, because it’s about to get a whole lot weirder.

the moon Credit: Pexels

In order to discuss this belief, we’re going to have to depart from the Earth for a moment - preferably in a space rocket - and make our way over to the moon. The 1960s version of the moon, more specifically. While we’re there, we’ll witness several man-made explosions going off, as well as a few crash-landings of rockets and meteor strikes. And while they’re happening, we’ll notice something: the shockwaves will last for hours, and cause the planet to ring "like a gong".

But, hold up a second - how can a solid object react like that? Well, if you ask some people, it can’t. And that’s how we came up with the Hollow Moon Theory.

According to JP Robinson, a self-described truth-seeker and free-thinker, the moon is completely empty in the middle. More than that, though, it was apparently built by extraterrestrials.

Robinson’s main argument for this is that the moon seems to be a statistical anomaly when compared to other natural satellites. "It appears that the moon itself shouldn’t actually be where it is, and all the data regarding the moon’s size and its distance from the sun and from the Earth, have confounded scientists and researchers alike," he says.

astronaut Credit: Pexels

Robinson also believes that the government has been aware of this for some time, and that "the Apollo program was actually built on the knowledge that the Moon in all likelihood must be an artificial construct."

What's more, many Hollow-Mooners also believe that the moon is much more ancient than we have formerly been told.

In the past, it was believed that the Earth and the moon were formed from the same rock when our solar system first came into fruition, approximately 4.5 billion years ago. However, according to Robinson, "Moondust appears to have existed nearly 2 billion years before the solar system was formed, therefore putting official scientific opinion regarding the Moons origins into chaos."

moon over mountains Credit: Pexels

Unfortunately, though, all scientific evidence points to the moon being solid.

In fact, in the last decade or so, we have discovered that the Moon has a center which is quite similar to Earth's. Scientists discovered this by using modern seismological techniques (similar to the ones which originally determined the moon to "ring like a bell), which showed that our natural satellite has a solid core with a radius of about 15o miles.

So, just like the Flat Earth theory, it looks like it's back to the drawing board with this idea.