17 Hilarious tweets about having insufficient funds

There is nothing more terrifying than the tense moments before you see your bank account balance. Whether you're reading a bank statement, using online banking, or at the ATM, you will always be expecting bad news. Budgeting is a skill that is learned through making mistakes more than anything, and those mistakes will have you worrying every time you have to use your card for anything.

Personally, if I am taking money out of a cashpoint - no way am I going to check my balance while I'm there. It's not the smart move, but I want to stay as far away from that number as I can until I have to check it out. But luckily, there are plenty of people out there who understand this struggle, and took to the internet to write hilarious tweets about it.

1. Give yourself a present

2. If only ...

3. What a burn

4. Not what you were expecting

5. The real culprit

6. It just doesn't add up

7. The butt of the joke

8. Some sage advice

9. This would be so successful

10. Positive attitude

11. Young for her age

12. Waiting for the news to hit

13. "I'm friends with the monster"

14. A difficult decision

15. Medical costs through the roof

16. Weeping for the numbers

17. Playing it safe

It's not like it's got any easier to look at my bank balance, but at least there is some comfort in knowing that people all over the world are having the same issue, and living through the day to tweet about it. But if you are still in need of distraction from the terrifying world of budgeting, you should check out the adorable baby shower held for this pregnant dog.

  • Aug
  • Jack Godwin