28 Amazing Photos Of The Canadian Blizzard-test

28 Amazing Photos Of The Canadian Blizzard-test

Extreme weather conditions have been the cause of quite a few scary news stories recently - the tragedy of the recent Australian bushfires, for instance. On the other side of the world, Canada is dealing with the exact opposite problem as Newfoundland and Labrador have been hit by the worst blizzard in half a century. But, while global warming is no laughing matter, the situation in Canada is slightly less devastating than the one in Australia. So, being a good-humored people, the Canadians have taken to the internet to share pictures of the ridiculous weather conditions they're having to put up with!

[post_page_title]#1 Snowman[/post_page_title]

Get used to pictures of massive snowbanks that have built up outside the door, by the way. There are a LOT of them. It's a bit of luck they had the exact props they needed to make this snowman already lying around the house because they wouldn't have been able to pop out for them.

Credit - Twitter @Mk2995


[post_page_title]#2 Fingerprints[/post_page_title]

Another "snowbank outside my door" photo. A little less creative than the first, but still impressive. I'm a big fan of the handprints on this one, which seems to suggest that somebody patted the snow ineffectually before realizing that wasn't going to do any good.

Credit - Twitter @Jason_Sheppard_


[post_page_title]#3 Snowfall Meter[/post_page_title]

It must be a terrible feeling to realize that, as the blizzard settles in, you've got nothing to do but sit back and watch it. Luckily, this person found a way to pass the time. Let's hope they didn't use a permanent marker, as it'd be a shame for your window to become a constant reminder of that boring morning you spent watching the snowfall.

Credit - Twitter @BCbaydoll


[post_page_title]#4 Blanketed House[/post_page_title]

This house has been so perfectly blanketed that it looks like a blank, factory-reset model of a house that you'd buy before painting it whatever colors you wanted. There are no footsteps anywhere, so presumably, the person who took this photo didn't actually come FROM the house. I wonder if they knocked to check that everyone was ok?

Credit - Twitter @kevinru70846539


[post_page_title]#5 Dinosaur Attack[/post_page_title]

As with the snowman, if you're stuck in your house, you've got to make your own fun with whatever you have to hand. Looks like these guys had a dinosaur head just lying around. Either that or this is an actual photo of a real dinosaur attack happening in the middle of a blizzard. Let's hope for the former.

Credit - Twitter @videogirlprod


[post_page_title]#6 Snow Canyon[/post_page_title]

There are two possible explanations for this picture, as well. One is that a monumental clearing effort has gone into getting the snow off this road. The other is that there was some sort of giant snake or worm sleeping here when the snow fell, which has now slithered off. I know which explanation I prefer.

Credit - Twitter @artcgreen


[post_page_title]#7 Confused Dog[/post_page_title]

This poor dog is probably used to this fence being considerably taller than it is here, and is struggling to work out why it now seems to be so much smaller than him. Poor guy must have very cold feet, as well.

Credit - Twitter @Laing90125


[post_page_title]#8 Romantic Snow Dinner[/post_page_title]

A romantic dinner for two by candlelight surrounded by snow. The perfect date! Very romantic and atmospheric, and the perfect excuse for lots of cuddling if it gets too cold. It would be tricky for the food to stay warm for very long, though, so I hope they eat quickly.

Credit - Twitter @musicschooldean


[post_page_title]#9 One Headlamp Exposed[/post_page_title]

It looks like this picture was taken after quite a lot of work with how deep the snowdrift is and how much seems to have been dug out of it. It must be particularly frustrating, then, to have only exposed one of the car's lights after all that effort. Back to work!

Credit - Twitter @JodyJFoss


[post_page_title]#10 Open Sunroof[/post_page_title]

This guy accidentally left his sunroof open just before the blizzard hit, which has left him with a much larger clean-up job than everybody else. I hope he clears it out before it melts, or the upholstery is going to be ruined!

Credit - Twitter @StephenGorman13


[post_page_title]#11 Car Iceberg[/post_page_title]

The sheer shard of snow pointing out on the right there is a scary thing. I'd be very wary of walking anywhere near it in case it all collapsed. But I suppose the priority is digging the car out, so any potential avalanches can be dealt with later.

Credit - Twitter @HasanHaiNL


[post_page_title]#12 Light At The End Of The Tunnel[/post_page_title]

This one's pretty spooky. Whether that light is a car headlight, the moon, or something altogether more supernatural I don't know, but it makes for an atmospheric photo. I guess if you saw this and heard mysterious voices calling for you to walk towards the light, then you'd know for sure that something weird was going on. I'll just hope it's a car headlight.

Credit - Imgur @GameOfThors


[post_page_title]#13 Roadsign[/post_page_title]

I like to imagine that this woman has walked past this roadsign every day cursing it for being taller than her, and hoping that one day she'll get to put it in its place. After the blizzard, she finally gets her wish and can make that roadsign feel pretty silly for having been so tall all this time.

Credit - Twitter @carriecomerfor1


[post_page_title]#14 A Perfectly Preserved Door[/post_page_title]

Again, not quite as creative as our friend the snowman earlier on, but full marks for having preserved such a perfect impression of their front door in the snow. Now if they ever wanted to clone their front door, they've got a perfect cast to base it off!

Credit - Reddit @WillOfTheLand


[post_page_title]#15 Cold Dog[/post_page_title]

I hope very much that this family dug a small hole and then encouraged their dog to sit in it for the photo. Because the alternative is that this dog got buried in snow and had to be dug out. He looks such an adorable guy that I wouldn't wish that fate on him so I sure hope this was just a cute photo opp.

Credit - Twitter @ElijahPorterMom


[post_page_title]#16 Tall Man[/post_page_title]

As with the dog previously, it's hard to tell if this guy has dug a gap big enough for him to stand in, or if he was encased in snow, hands in the air, for hours and has only just been freed. If it's the second, his arms must be very tired, and I hope he gets the chance to go and relax somewhere.

Credit - Twitter @Garthero


[post_page_title]#17 Windows[/post_page_title]

All I can think about is how scared I'd be of the glass smashing and snow just pouring into my home. I hope they held out for long enough. I also think the plastic sheet they've got on the table is a little strange, but I guess there are more important things to worry about.

Credit - Twitter @ElijahPorterMom


[post_page_title]#18 Snow Arch[/post_page_title]

Whether this happened naturally or has been dug out this way, I don't know, but it looks an awful lot of fun. I'd probably start off by daring friends to run underneath it without it collapsing on them. Then if that got too boring, I'd start daring people to climb up and walk across it. Might end in tears, though.

Credit - Twitter @JCFPC


[post_page_title]#19 Nature's Fridge[/post_page_title]

Here we find someone who's really turning the blizzard to their own advantage by turning a snowdrift into a natural fridge. There's still plenty of room for a few more bottles as well, or maybe to freeze some leftovers and have them again later in the week.

Credit - Twitter @SouWesterSoul


[post_page_title]#20 Scared Dog[/post_page_title]

I don't know if this dog has ever seen snow before, but whether he has or not, his body language seems to suggest that he doesn't trust it one little bit. I hope he wasn't told that he has to go out into it and was allowed to spend the evening sitting around in his pyjamas if that's what he wanted.

Credit - Imgur @GameOfThors


[post_page_title]#21 Car Trenches[/post_page_title]

People seem to have put a lot of effort into digging trenches so they can get to their cars, though I don't know why. It doesn't look like they'll be able to get very far in them even when they have dug them out. But I guess on a snow day you've got to fill your time somehow, right?

Credit - Twitter @BairdTom


[post_page_title]#22 Digging Out The Door[/post_page_title]

Not content to just take a photo of the snowbank that has built up outside his door, this guy has decided to take action and dig his way to freedom. Unfortunately, it looks like his bath isn't quite big enough to hold it all, so maybe he'll have to wait a little longer.

Credit - Twitter @barhaven


[post_page_title]#23 Snow Bales[/post_page_title]

I can't believe that this little kid dug out all those snow bales! That pile is absolutely enormous! He must have had help from somebody. Or is this the hardest-working kid of all time? Either way, good on him. He looks very proud of himself, and he should be, he's done a great job and also kept things very neat.

Credit - Twitter @JoFennelly


[post_page_title]#24 Under The Bonnet[/post_page_title]

After hours digging out trenches to get to your car, it must be very frustrating to realize that you can't go anywhere in it yet until you've also dug out all the snow inside the thing. I also don't know enough about cars to know which bit you should focus on digging out first. Maybe calling the AA out was the best thing to do all along.

Credit - Twitter @Chantel76576879


[post_page_title]#25 Door Selfie[/post_page_title]

This guy is so impressed with the snowbank outside his door that he's decided to take a photo of himself next to it, looking very proud indeed. Does anybody want to tell him that there are about seven other pictures of doors like this in this article alone? I don't have the heart.

Credit - Twitter @art_colored


[post_page_title]#26 Car Stepping Stones[/post_page_title]

I wonder if you could leap from one car rooftop to the other without any run-up? It looks pretty far, but I reckon a proper athlete could do it. Yeah, it might not be the most entertaining game ever, but as I said, you've got to create your own fun in a blizzard.

Credit - Twitter @UntamedBeauti


[post_page_title]#27 Trenches Again[/post_page_title]

People digging out trenches in order to get at their cars again, this time taken from an angle that makes it look like a game of Tetris or Frogger or something. I do feel bad for these guys and all the trouble they're having to go to in order to dig for freedom, but all this picture's done is make me want to play an old-fashioned computer game.

Credit - Twitter @PeterCBC


[post_page_title]#28 One More Door[/post_page_title]

And, yes, we've seen a lot of these now, but they're the bread-and-butter of this story, so let's have one last picture of a big snowdrift that's built up outside a door. Think I've seen enough of those pictures to get me through all of 2020, now.

Credit - Imgur @GameOfThors