8 incredibly creepy behaviors that people have accepted as "normal"

8 incredibly creepy behaviors that people have accepted as "normal"

Everyone hates a creep. The whole notion of what is and isn't defined as 'creepy' is both fascinating and arbitrary. Once the mainstream culture has tacitly or passively encouraged a weird behaviour, it generally doesn't fall under the umbrella of "creepy." But why?

In my opinion, no one is exempt from the title of creep whether it's mainstream or not. Don't agree? Have a look at these hilarious anecdotes and try and argue otherwise.

1. Wedding garter ceremonies 

I mean look at the guy in the video's face! Tell me he isn't a creep. Also, the throwing into the crowd thing is uber weird.

2. Touching pregnant woman

Rubbing pregnant women's stomachs, solicited or not is peculiar. "Here let me help you incubate your offspring."

3. Drinking in the streets

This isn't as commonly accepted in the US, but in Japan and Korea, it's perfectly normal for businessmen to pass out completely drunk. When they're laying in the streets or the subway, they're usually left alone. Both funny and creepy but nothing on the British and their drinking.

4. Filming strangers without their consent

One Reddit user wrote "Jesus, I don't care if it's perceived social justice, a prank, someone dancing during a concert, something funny, our government, something sexy, a celeb in a market, a social experiment: give people some privacy."

5. Asking married couples about their sex life

It's a little weird asking young couples when they are going to start having unprotected sex so they can have a baby.

6. Passing around mug shots

Shows like Nancy Grace where they talk about the accused as if they are automatically guilty. By the same note, the Facebook groups that post mugshots of people immediately after their arrests could tone it down.

7. Public restrooms and their goddam gaps between stalls

You know what I'm talking about.

8. All the data collection on our apps

Location services on apps. Why do Angry Birds need to know where I live?

Suddenly realised maybe you're a creep too? There's still time to right your wrongs. Know people that now fall into the creep category that do these things? Show them this to stop the spread of grossness.