Ryan Reynolds sent his brother the most savage 'Happy Birthday' message of all time

Ryan Reynolds sent his brother the most savage 'Happy Birthday' message of all time

Family birthdays are an awkward part of life that we all have to contend with at some point. As you get older, family birthdays become increasingly harder to deal with. When you were a kid, you used to be able to buy clichéd presents like shower sets, candles and mugs and get away with it. However, once you're older, you're expected to buy better presents and think of more inventive gifts and experiences to give to others.

One of the hardest obstacles to overcome on a family birthday is how to mark the occasion. While it's common to just provide someone with a card and a cake, it can feel a little bit like a damp squib. With the rise of social media in society, more and more people rush to their Facebook or Instagram to celebrate another year of life for their relative or partner. Whether it's a photo collage of their best memories, or all of their close friends and families wishing them a happy birthday in a video, a social media is awash with people celebrating their day of birth.

One celebrity who is particularly good at marking a family member's birthday, is Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds and his family have become the masters of the comedic happy birthday wish on social media. It all started in August, when Reynolds posted this photo of him and his wife Blake Lively to celebrate her birthday.

Reynolds shared the photo with his 15.8 million followers on Instagram and unsurprisingly, it went down an absolute storm. But, unfortunately for Ryan, his wife struck back with one of the most savage happy birthday messages ever seen online.

Yep, that's Ryan Gosling.

It's safe to say that Blake won that round of online jousting and Ryan waddled off with his tail firmly between his legs. But, the original prankster has risen from the ashes and this time he has his eyes set firmly on his brother. It was Jeff Reynolds' birthday on December 1 and he got pulled into the birthday battle, being scorned by his brother in front of millions of people.

Taking to Twitter, Ryan uploaded an extremely cute picture of him and Jeff as children. The accompanying message, however, wasn't as lovely:

"Jeff, if there was a fire and I had to choose a family member to save, obviously it’d be me. But if I had time to save one more, you can be damn sure I’d call the fire department. They’re experts in the field and have vast experience in these matters. I love you. Happy Birthday."

It's not the first time that Reynolds has sent a hilarious message to his brother on his birthday. Last year he sent the following adorable message on Facebook, saying:

"Happy Birthday to my big brother, Jeff. Seems like just yesterday you were changing my diapers, even though it was well over a week ago."

Ryan Reynolds is certainly the king of dishing out abuse on other people's birthdays, but given the scorn that he received from his own wife when it came to his day of celebration, you would think that he would tread a little bit more carefully.