Amazon is selling a hot water bottle for your feet

Amazon is selling a hot water bottle for your feet

In news that will please anyone who’s had to contend with chilly toes, Amazon has the ultimate answer to substandard slippers. Say goodbye to trying and failing to wrap your whole body around a tiny hot water bottle - the Foot Muff Snug feet warmer is finally here.

Credit: Amazon

Currently retailing on Amazon for just £14.99, the feet warmer is everything you’ve ever wanted from a comforter but been too afraid to ask for. The Amazon listing describes the product as “A cosy fleece foot pouch with the warmth of a Hot water bottle,” adding that:

“The Hot water bottle foot warmer retains all the simplicity and effectiveness of a hot water bottle. The hot bottle is inserted into the attractive and practical foot pouch which is big enough to envelop both feet in gentle warmth and comfort. Heats in minutes. Stays warm for a couple of hours. Useful throughout the day and night. Colour camel. Great for cold days or as a gift for loved ones.”

The feet warmer currently has a stellar rating of four out of five on the site, and has received some glowing reviews from happy customers. One verified purchaser called the product an “amazing invention,” before adding, “Fantastic my daughter has joint problems in her feet and this is a god send (sic.).”

Watch this video of Americans attempting to swim in freezing cold water in Russia:

However, the warmers haven’t been met with universal acclaim. One disgruntled user gave the product a single star, writing on Amazon:

“Very poor. Quality not good at all stiching all over the place giving a very cheap feel & look. Was going to send back but as disabled with cold feet syndrome i have to put up with it but not happy really (sic.).”

The product is part of a much wider range of snuggly things, courtesy of Things2KeepUWarm. Also included on the brand’s Amazon page are a set of Microwave Slippers, Sheepskin Earmuffs and even a microwaveable pad for warming up your pet’s bed. If it’s comfort in fluff that you’re after, it’s good to know that there’s at least one company out there that seems to be on the same page.