16 pictures that show how terrifying snakes really are

16 pictures that show how terrifying snakes really are

Now, I don't know about you, but I am part of that sector of the population that is terrified of snakes. Whilst our ancestors' justifiable fear of the cold-blooded reptiles has a part to play in our reaction to the creatures, when you live in the dreary British climate, you have no good reason to be concerned about creatures that have darted eyes and whose bodies are filled with some of the deadliest poisons known to humankind.

Although I am aware that ophidiophobia is a wholly irrational fear, I don't think I'll ever entirely get over it. In fact, I think that people who like snakes and keep them as pets are just weird. I mean, why have a cold, slithering, legless serpent when you could have a cuddly creature that is referred to as "man's best friend"?

Seriously, take a look at how scary these snakes are...

1. This isn't horrifying at all  2. Yup, I'm not creeped out or anything  3. Look at those lovely nashers  4. You can't even escape them underwater  5. Don't look into its eyes...  6. Run, lizard, run! 
7. This is a juvenile green anaconda... 8. And this is what snake venom does to blood
9. You're not going to make it out of this one ok  10. This one has really got it in for you  11. This snake has the best camouflage  12. If this footage is real, I'm moving to another planet 
13. Look at it go! 14. Just, why?  15. They don't even like each other...  16. Please, make it stop 

Well if that isn't enough to guarantee you a week of night terrors, I don't know what else could. Whilst others are terrified of spiders, clowns and all sorts of other oddities, I think a fear of snakes is entirely justifiable. After all, did you see what snake venom did to human blood?

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