Baby hippo hogs the limelight in couple’s engagement photo

Baby hippo hogs the limelight in couple’s engagement photo

Couples put a lot of work into engagement photos. They pay top dollar for a professional photographer, pick out a meaningful background, coordinate their wardrobe to make sure the colors don't clash, cover up their "Limp Bizkit 4ever!" face tattoos and pose together for hours to get the perfect shot. It's a romantic pic to commemorate their love, and, most importantly, make all their Facebook friends super jealous.

These photos are so carefully constructed that not a single hair is out of place. Everything is planned. Nothing can go wrong. But when Nick Kelbe proposed to his girlfriend Hayley Roll at The Cincinnati Zoo, something truly unexpected happened: She said, "No, sorry, I'm an alien from the planet Nargarg" and transformed into a giant slug...

Just kidding. A stranger snapped a picture of the spontaneous event, only for a prankster to photobomb in the background: a baby hippo!

Now, word of warning to all readers: This is a situation where it is perfectly okay to look at an engagement photo and say, "Wow, look at that hippo!" If you look at somebody's engagement photo and there is not a hippo, do not say "Wow, look at that hippo!" Trust me. It does not go over well. Especially if the bride-to-be is nearby and holding a spork. I still have the scars.

Of course, when they shared this photo on Instagram, the cute animal stole the show. It's like the couple was the TV show Family Matters and the baby hippo was Steve Urkel. Once Urkel showed up, it was The Urkel Show. And once a hippo shows up, it's The Baby Hippo show. I don't care if it's a photo of the moon landing. What moon landing? All I see is a baby hippo.

A bridezilla-to-be might be upset at such an upstaging. But not this couple! Nick and Hayley couldn't be more delighted. They're animal lovers who've been following the baby hippo - whose name is Fiona - for years. In fact, at the time of the proposal, they were waiting in line to take a picture with her - and man, does she know how to pose!

Hopefully they ask Fiona to be a bridesmaid at their wedding, and give her a bridesmaid's dress that isn't too ugly so it can be re-used for cocktail night (and doesn't just go to waste in her baby hippo closet because that's so annoying).

Want to hear Nick and Hayley's back story? Too bad. Fiona's is better. She's the first Nile hippo born at the zoo in 75 years. Most hippos weigh fifty to a hundred pounds at birth. Fiona was born six weeks premature, and weighed a mere 29 pounds. Her father survived an infection and an abnormal kidney condition that is normally fatal, and while most hippos at The Cincinnati Zoo have eaten ten schoolchildren, Fiona has only eaten two! Okay, that last statement isn't true, but the other ones are, and it's a pretty amazing story.

Fiona, we love you, and wish you the best! Nick and Hayley, you're cool, too...I guess.