Footage shows what happens when a hare and tortoise race in real life

Footage shows what happens when a hare and tortoise race in real life

There is a strong likelihood that you will have read - or at least be familiar - with a number of Aesop's Fables, even if you don't realise it.

The timeless morality tales purport to tell us something of our own humanity, our codes of morality and the impact that our behaviour has on others, often via the conduit of anthropomorphic animals, who live out scenarios in Aesop's fables that relate in some way to human behaviour.

Even if you are unfamiliar with the tortoise and the hare - arguably Aesop's most famous fable - you will have probably heard the expression "slow and steady wins the race" in your lifetime.

In case you are unfamiliar with the morality tale, indulge me for a few moments while I quickly recap.

An especially hubristic hare, confident to the point of excess, has been boasting to all who will listen about his astonishing running speed. Slightly affronted, a decidedly slower tortoise decides to challenge the over confident hare to a race.

Naturally, the lightening fast, though altogether rather arrogant, hare takes a commanding lead in this animal kingdom version of the olympics; so commanding, in fact, that he feels confident enough in victory to lay down and take a brief nap while the tortoise plods along in his wake, a considerable distance back.

To the hare's utter dismay, though, and in a move that surely stunned the wider animal community, the slow and steady tortoise picked its way methodically through the course, overtook the sleeping hare, and won the race, to scenes of utter chaos and jubilation. The hare learned a valuable lesson in modesty, and everyone went home bristling with the inevitable excitement that follows any truly great sporting event.

Clearly, there are real life implications to take away from the tale; needlessly bragging about one's attributes can end in embarrassing circumstances. Moreover, a steady, methodical approach to life is often, in reality the most efficient way of getting things done.

While both of these points are undoubtedly true, few would have truly believed that, in a real life race between a hare and tortoise, the tortoise would stand any chance. Famously slow moving, it seemed ludicrous to even consider the possibility of the land dwelling reptile usurping the much more sprightly hare.

Well, clearly someone thought it was worth putting to the test, and in a widely shared video on Twitter, the race is depicted in all its glory, with a stunning result.

As you can see, the tortoise strolled to an astonishing victory, and even the events of the race were remarkably similar to Aesop's fable, with the hare taking an early lead before seeming to become a little complacent.

It would seem that, truly, "slow and steady wins the race" really is true, in every possible sense of the phrase.