This Twitter account pairs cats with heavy metal lyrics

This Twitter account pairs cats with heavy metal lyrics

Is there anything the internet loves more than cats? Going way back to the 'I Can Has Cheezburger?' days, through the Grumpy Cat era, and into the modern age of Insta-famous felines, it seems that our four-legged friends have always had a special place on the world wide web.

Now, they've taken over Twitter, too - but in a way that you might not expect. Far from being yet another account posting fluffy little kittens and big-eyed puss-in-boots types, the Twitter account 'Death Metal Cats' pairs cats with hardcore metal lyrics... and it works purrfectly (sorry).

Maybe it's got something to do with cats being a bad omen, or perhaps it's just because they always look like they're plotting something, but the combination of disgruntled cats and songs about death and damnation has a certain synergy about it. Just take a look for yourself.

1. No mercy from this soggy moggy
2. Child of doom and belly rubs
3. I am the founding fluffball, bearer of roundness
4. The flames of hell are nothing compared to an unwanted shower
5. Cold winds, cruel kitty
6. I am the one that summons neck scratches
7. We exit the ritual catflap
8. I am the one summoning the mighty food god
9. My burial place will be the litter tray
10. Under the bed where my owner can't reach me
11. Like every mouse I couldn't catch
12. Chasing our tails and licking our paws
13. The force of evil rises... then sleeps... then rises again
14. We scratch, hiss, purr
15. Hail the prince of naps
16. But I don't come home till someone shakes the food bag
17. All was calm and peaceful, then I had catnip
18. But also that one patch of sun to sleep in
19. No crying, just a lot of meowing at 3am
20. Gaze into my bulging eyes

No matter your opinions on cats or death metal, everyone should be able to appreciate this glorious combination of the two. Next time you come across a sweet-looking kitten, just remember some of these lyrics and imagine the true evil that lurks inside those wide eyes.