Shark rips off woman's breast and hands in as she swims with dolphins

Shark rips off woman's breast and hands in as she swims with dolphins

A 35-year-old woman has lost a breast and both of her hands after she was attacked by a shark while swimming with dolphins.

The incident took place in a lagoon in French Polynesia, where the woman had been swimming with her family. The horrific attack was witnessed by the woman's six-year-old son.

The group had begun by watching whales and followed them into the open sea in a bid to swim with dolphins when the shark attacked on October 21.

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According to French station Radio 1, the woman was still conscious after the attack and said: "But why did you take me there if it was not safe?"

The woman was administered first aid at a nearby hotel before being transferred to Taaone Hospital by helicopter. Her condition has been described as stable.

"I saw this woman who had no arms, the arm on the left side was hanging down and her hand was hanging. Her rib on her right-hand side was also swollen. It was a huge panic for everyone," a witness told the radio station.

Jean-Jacques Riveta, of the local emergency fire service, told Agence France-Presse: "Luckily for her, there were two nurses on the scene who could deliver first aid. When we got to the hotel jetty, she was conscious but in a critical condition.

"She had lost a lot of blood and both her hands had been cut off at the forearm and her left breast was ripped off."

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The shark responsible for the attack was an oceanic whitetip, known locally as a parata, according to France Info.

A judicial inquiry has now been opened in order to establish exactly what happened to the woman on the South Pacific island of Moorea.

Since 1580, there have been just six shark attacks in French Polynesia, the International Shark Attack File reports, with worldwide shark attacks averaging at 84 incidents a year between 2013 and 2017.