Bizarre footage shows hordes of octopuses 'walking' out of the sea

Bizarre footage shows hordes of octopuses 'walking' out of the sea

The world is a weird and wonderful place. In addition to being a tiny speck of dust in a universe which is only getting bigger and bigger, planet Earth also has its own bizarre quirks. Not only are there natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon and the Northern Lights, but the planet that we call home is also inhabited by some downright odd looking specimens which are in turn terrifying, and adorable.

The Welsh coast was a great example of this last week, when a video surfaced showing hordes of creepy octopuses supposedly "walking out of the sea" and crawling along the beach.

More than 20 octopuses were witnessed walking out of the sea on the Welsh coast last Friday. The curled octopuses were certainly a strange sight, as they are normally rarely seen and tend to live up to 100 metres (330 feet) deep in the water.

The unexpected visual was caught on video by staff at a local dolphin watching company. The footage depicts the eight-legged marine life wading out of the sea and crawling across the sand in New Quay, Ceredigion.

Watch the video below:

The owner of SeaMôr Dolphin Watching Boat Trips, Brett Jones, was returning his boat after a trip out to sea around 10pm on Friday when he first saw the octopuses. "They were coming out of the water and crawling up the beach. We don't quite know what's causing it", he said. "Perhaps it's because the sea has been quite rough recently but I've never seen anything like it before. They were walking on the tips of their legs [...] A friend of mine said it happened the night before and there was about 20 last night," he added.

While experts have surmised that the unusual sight could be related to a change of pressure in the atmosphere as a result of the recent storms, Ophelia and Brian, scientists have stated that there's no clear evidence that would explain why exactly the octopuses willingly stranded themselves on the shoreline.

Jones stated that "it could simply be injuries sustained by the rough weather itself or there could be a sensitivity to a change in atmospheric pressure."

James Wright, a curator at the National Marine Aquarium added "There's been a few online videos showing them coming out under the cover of darkness to hunt but to have them crawl out in the number that was seen on that particular night is quite unusual":

"They're crawling across the beach and not looking for prey in rock pools -so that's out of character and doesn't fit with their breeding or foraging behaviour'"

Now, marine experts are urging people to return the creatures to the water if they're spotted on the sand as several dead octopuses were seen washed up on the shore on Saturday morning.
While this was certainly a strange sight for people to witness, we can only hope that the octopuses are able to safely return to their natural habitat.